Friday, July 20, 2012

Outlander Withdrawal - Take Two

Mop friend, Jerry reminded me how much I love this I'm reposting, y'all!  Enjoy!

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010


TOP TEN things that go through one's mind the day after finishing the most current book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon: 

10) Oooh I have ten minutes - I'm going to read!!! Oh. Wait. Shit.

9) How fast can I read the whole series a second time?

8) 2 years 'til new Jamie?!?!?! Give me the phone.  "911, What's your emergency?"

7) Does anyone know where I can get a wolf?

6) "How many bullets are left in this gun?"

5) EFF the Kindle. I'm buying the books! I need to do MAJOR PAGE FLIPPAGE right now!

4) "Edward? Jamie?" (yelled like "Cindy? Bobby?")

3) Did somebody say "cliffhanger"?

2) No dirk-carrying, cup-draining, peach-splitting or herb-collecting for HOW long??

1) Claire, you ignorant slut!


  1. LOL! This is funny! I love that I'm not the only who has thoughts like that after reading a good book/series!

  2. hahahaha.... forget MOBY - the next book's title needs to be: Claire, You Ignorant Slut !!

  3. Awesome flashback!

    Favorites: "Does anyone know where I can get a wolf?" and "peach-splitting".

    Carol, you are hilarious. :-)

  4. I am very bummed I'm going to miss chat tomorrow night!!! So much to talk about! Can you do a highlight reel, perhaps?

    1. I missed it, too! Bummed but I'm on vacation and having a tremendous time! I need my verra own lakehouse, darnit! :)