Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Quick Mention...

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless you've read Chapter 16 in Written in My Own Heart's Blood.

I FINALLY was able to sit down and read this afternoon...and no sooner did I start than I had to STOP.  And blog.

"He had in fact suggested that they walk together to Matson's Ford..."

Tracey and I went to high school on Matsonford Road.  The mentions of the Battle of Brandywine, Valley Forge, The Paoli Massacre were one thing...but Matson's Ford?  This is getting to be too much (in an awesome way.)  It's like Christmas for my eyes.

Tracey says it's like Diana Gabaldon was living under our childhood home's stairs like Harry Potter.  (I almost soiled myself at that thought...but I digress.)

SO - I thought it would be cool to create a MOBY MAP, showing locations in MOBY as I come across them in the book.  There will be a few that might not be mentioned in the book...but were involved in situations in the book...and after growing up in the area, are places that are near and dear to my heart.

I'm hoping those of you who don't live anywhere near Pennsylvania or New Jersey who have never visited these locations will really enjoy getting "the feel" of the book.



  1. I know how you feel. I grew up in the Freehold area of New Jersey (Monmouth county) and have driven by Tennent Church hundreds of times. :)

  2. Chester County native, grew up in the shadow of Valley Forge, Paoli was where you went to Hot Shoppe Jr. for burgers and a shake, love the spelling of present day Kensington, and Bartram's Gardens is open to this day!

  3. I know how you feel! I was so excited when they first went to NC and to Cross Creek! I'm from Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg and the mall I worked at as a teen was called Cross Creek Mall. There was also a character called Murchison and there's a major road through our town with the same name. There were a bunch of little references that got me really excited!

  4. I'm very happy to follow along on your map. I opened up my Microsoft Streets & Trips just a few days ago after listening to your discussion about how long it would have/should have taken Young Ian to walk from Philly to Valley Forge.

  5. I have been waiting for Carol to get to that part for a week now!! :-) I literally stared at "Matson's Ford" for five minutes, thinking "Why is this familiar???" when I finally was like, oh year--the bus dropped me off on that street EVERY DAMN DAY for four years!!

  6. Love it! I want to do one for NY from the last one.

  7. To go with your map, someone created a google earth file with the locations from the first seven books.

  8. Can't wait!! And keep the updates coming!! I check practically daily! LOL.