Monday, June 9, 2014

Counting Down the Hours Until MOBY!

SPOILER ALERT:  Do NOT read unless you have read An Echo in the Bone and The Space Between

I have been waiting for MOBY for four years...and it's coming out tomorrow.  Midnight, actually, since I ordered it on Kindle.  I am almost numb with anticipation.

NOT to mention that I finished The Space Between - just in time for the occasion.  WOW - was that a fun ending or what??  I am digging Michael and Joan together.  Oh c' know they'll end up together.  Ain't no way girlfriend is going to end up a nun for life.  She seems to have too much need to see the world...even though she doesna know it yet.  And she's also the only one who is able to conjure up some life inside his head - and heart.

To be honest, I was a little bummed after Michael found Joan in the cave.  I kept thinking what an impact his appearance would have made had we not known he was following them.  But then I realized I was wishing the scene had played out more like Christian Grey suddenly appearing in Ana's bedroom...and got totally sceeved at myself for absent-mindedly comparing these two scenes. NOT that I'm a Fifty snob.  Not at's just that comparing a Diana Gabaldon novel to Fifty Shades of Grey is like comparing the most amazing cut of Filet Mignon from the world's finest restaurant to a steamed 3 pack from White Castle.  I love 'em both...but you know what I'm sayin'.

And how about Raymond and the Compte hopping, skipping, and jumping into the 1970s together?!  I'm hoping Jem doesna end up with them in the mine.  Lorddddddd the freakiness.  I hate that the Compte is one of Raymond's "people"...because I was hoping Raymond would dispose of that disgusting "sorcerer"!!  Who knows...maybe he'll surprise us and throw his ass ahead to 2170 when it's time to come home.

Did anyone else parallel Michael's and Joan's year-long wait to be together with Bree and Roger's year long handfasting?  Or was that just me?

HOLY CRAP!!!  I'M GOING TO KNOW JAMIE'S REACTION TO CLAIRE AND LORD JOHN'S DEED-DOING in less than 24 hours!!!  It just hits me every once in a while and I can barely breathe.  FOUR FRIGGIN YEARS!!!  I feel like I'm getting out of jail!!  Can you IMAGINE the breakfast table at houses all 'round the world tomorrow??  Those kids better not so much as look at me, let alone ask for a spoon.  (Did I just say that out loud?)

More to come, lads and lassies...more to come, indeed.

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