Saturday, April 23, 2016

Herself on Outlander

Because sometimes you just have to go back to your roots. Without her...we'd have NUTHIN'! :)



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    1. LOVE HER so much and I miss her sometimes amidst all this Starz stuff. Diana is the CREATOR of Jamie and Claire!! HAIL DG!!!! :)

    2. I agree! She is amazing and I'm so thankful to her for creating my favorite books and characters!

  2. Ah, yes - the irony of watching Gabaldon “shush” a character she rarely let utter two words in the books. What a great wink to book fans!

    I'm glad to be visiting MOP again (your purgatory is always much more fun than my own), and watching your videos is always a treat. Please don’t let yourselves feel too pressured by time constraints: the lengths of your videos, or when they get made or posted, aren’t nearly as important as just getting to watch you gals talk about Outlander, enjoying what you do, and having FUN doing it.

    I saw your guest appearance on HangOutlander. I mainly follow them because of Beth. I find her to be very astute, funny, and a true book fan. Some of the other regulars seem to be there mainly for the face time, as they often just offer bored, snide comments, or can’t even seem to care enough to remember half of what they watched. Perhaps they think airheaded-ness is cute, or that ennui is cool. While I do enjoy hearing other opinions, and I have my own share of criticisms regarding some of the choices that have been made for this production, at the end of the day I am still very happy that we are finally getting to see this story brought to life. Besides, the writing, acting, and production values ain't exactly shabby! Unless the HangOutlander chicks are mistaking themselves for celebrities, I don't know why they would think fans of a show would want to waste time watching them be snidely disparaging. It might benefit them to remind viewers that they are basically fans at heart. Of course, since your appearance, more of their viewers are now aware of other options - like MOP!

    As for the new season, I’ve been keeping mum so far (the J&C relationship - or lack thereof - hasn’t been sitting well with me), but I was able to stream episode 3 late last night and can say that I haven’t felt this positive about an episode in a long time! Anne Kenney wrote a great script, characters we love were introduced – Fergus! Mother Hildegard! Bouton!! – and we get to see the return of “capable” Clair. No luck yet on the return of “capable” Jamie, if you know what I mean, but I really enjoyed this one, and will be curious to hear what others think about it.


    1. Dolittle!! How are you?!? GREAT to see you!! I love how the show starts up again and we all end up right back where we were before Droughtlander started. :)

      We will discuss ep 3 after tonight!! Can't wait!! :)