Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Robert and Terry and Bear, OH MY!

OK so I took a lunch break and am watching last night's Outlander panel (see below.) And it's awesome. Bear McCreary is there, giving OUTSTANDING information about his musical work on Outlander. And being not only an Outlander fan, but also a fan of The Walking Dead and Black Sails, I am enamored of this man's talents.

I am also ecstatic because Terry Dresbach is making a rare panel appearance with the Outlander gang, giving us an up-close and personal view of the intricacies of Outlander costuming. Lets face it; who among us doesn't worship this gorgeous woman's amazing talents?!?

OK so why I'm feverishly typing: Ron and Bear just mentioned subbing a lyric from Robert Louis Stevenson into Bear's version of The Skye Boat Song (the opening song in Outlander) and I jumped out of my chair and grabbed my computer. (I haven't done that in quite some time...probably since the last time I had a Gabaldon novel in my hot little hands.)

OK so why did I flip out? Robert Louis Stevenson is a popular historical figure in my little fishing village of Brielle, New Jersey:
  • Brielle was home to the Union Salt Works that was burned to the ground by British Loyalists (Fraser's Highlanders, no less!) during the Revolutionary War 238 years ago today on April 6th, 1778!
  • And what else is April 6th known for?  Tracey's birthday!! 

OK so let me get to my point:

On any given weekend in the summer, my family and I can be found boating around the Manasquan River, and spending time on what Robert Louis Stevenson affectionately nicknamed "Treasure Island" after his novel of the same name.

"Most notably, Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, visited in the late 1880s and completed portions of his novel The Master of Ballantrae. He would name Brielle’s Osborn Island after the titular island in his most famous work after a short cruise on the Manasquan River. 
(excerpt from Clayton and Clayton Realtor webpage, "Shore Spotlight: Brielle, NJ)

Interestingly enough, The Master of Ballantrae novel focuses "upon the conflict between two brothers, Scottish noblemen whose family is torn apart by the Jacobite rising of 1745."

So yeah. That's the way my mind works. Ron and Bear start taking Robert Louis Stevenson...and Carol must go blog.  And after doing so, I find out Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a portion of his book about the Jacobite Uprising in my teeny Jersey Shore town. Just another way Outlander weaves itself into the fabric of my life on a daily basis.


  1. @jefsantamonica here. I was really in awe of Terry, the set designer and Bear's panel information. Just an outstanding panel! It is a must see -probably on the TV Academy site. Terry's work is beyond exquisite and featured in Vanity Fair tying in the Dior influence. Bear's work is words..and the sets - more realistic than I've seen in big budget film. Carol great work on the history - just wish Jamie hadn't sided with the English...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACEY! Look forward to your video on the first episode of the new season. Great to see you in NYC!!

    1. JEF it was so great seeing you!!! And our buds from my hood are still talking about you! "She's so cool!" :) LOVED that panel - I hope they bring Terry along from now on; she's fascinating. And thanks - I get a little dorky with the history sometimes. If you clicked that link and saw that post about the Fraser's Highlanders, you would have laughed at me when I found out. I was in the car with my husband and I FLIPPED OUT. Absolutely flipped out that the Fraser's Highlanders had something to do with my teeny little seaside town, let alone TRIED OT BURN IT DOWN! :( Either way - it's cool that have that little piece of history to hold on to. I went down to the marina (the site of the Union Salt Works) last night and wished I'd brought a wee dram along. :)

  2. Connie a/k/a @Yr_Obt_Svt here.
    I loved that Terry and Gary and Bear were all there with Ron, Maril, Cait, Sam, & Tobias (henceforth known as the Usual Suspects). Hearing Terry, Bear, and Gary educate viewers about their creative processes makes me even more astonished that this show is even on the air, not to mention the $$$$$ Starz/Sony is pouring into it. There better be awards in the future for this crew with all this genius talent right out there on the screen showing the rest of the world what greatness looks like!

    1. OMG Right Connie??? I get worried about the $$ sometimes. I remember what happened to ROME on HBO...too much $$ to keep up with production. (At least that's the story that was told to the masses!) We are so incredibly lucky that Diana STUCK IT OUT and waited for the right time/situation/people. It's just perfect. :)

  3. I am so excited! I feel as though a LOT more people will become aware of the show this year. The New Yorker tv critic -- who favorably reviewed last season -- has a beautiful review of this season in the current issue. She links it with The Americans as she thinks they are both mostly shows about the intimely of marriage and the seriousness of sex. I cried when I read it. Just found out I could have seen the show earlier but I'm happy to wait for tonight!

  4. Intimacy of marriage, I meant.