Sunday, April 24, 2016

MOP Worldwide

Just wanted to throw a big "WELCOME" out there to all of you who are reading My Outlander Purgatory from outside the US. (And you Americans as well, sillies!) I am SO THRILLED to see so many visitors from around the globe.  Outlander is quite a phenomenon and we love experiencing Diana Gabaldon's genius with the rest of the world.  :) 


  1. Carol- The word you are looking for is SARK!

  2. Hello Carol, i'm an Outlander n00b - didn't know it was a book series, but was told about the tv series by a cousin who knows i love historical fiction and just might take a liking to Outlander. She made the suggestion possibly after hearing me gush too much about the Bernard Cornwall Saxon Chronicles and its glorious manifestation as The Last Kingdom on film.

    So i put the thought of this "Outlander" on my mental list of Things That Might Interest Me for a few months, and then 2 weeks ago i saw the Season 1/Pt. 1 DVDs in the library and figured it was a sign....


    Caitriona is so beautiful and turns out such a powerful performance, and Sam Heughan... captured my heart so fully. And Tobias' double performance dumbfounded me. Those Kilts and the Gaelic and the Scotland scenery...
    Och, but Jamie Fraser has captivated my mind (and possibly my soul) to distraction.

    My Outlander Purgatory is my new hobby; i'll start the books as soon as i'm finished the one i'm on. i've watched a few minutes of one video about the first episode, as well as the interview with Sam Heughan - and swooned only a little bit.

    Your little world here (or level of hell, whatever it might be) has me very excited about a whole new story!! i look forward to getting to know you and Tracey. :)


    1. Welcome Grace!! We're glad you've found us! :)