Sunday, March 8, 2020

MOP Video: “The Company We Keep” Season 5 Episode 504 RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including the lengths we’ve gone to not touch our hair; the fascinating conflict between Jamie and Roger; the FINE Fergus we got in this ep; how Tracey and Carol Bug would have reacted to Stephen Bonnet; why the Big House turning into a regular bed and breakfast; why we can’t keep the Browns straight; why Fergus would be good on Survivor; why Jamie understands Isaiah Morton better than he realizes; why Jamie, Roger, the Browns, and everyone else need to realize who’s REALLY in charge (it’s Claire, duh); whether or not it was believable that Jem would get to where he got without Stephen Bonnet’s help; Claire’s surprisingly unsympathetic reaction to Alicia’s plight AND bizarre “treat a fever by getting yourself good and drunk” advice; why we wanted Jamie’s dancing ability to more closely mirror Fonzie’s; and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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  1. When Bree and Marsali found Jem on the porch, picked him up and took him back into the house the camera panned out to take a long distance picture as if someone where hiding at the tree line. Maybe Bonnet is playing psychological games with her.

  2. Opinion on why so much time was spent with Beardsleys & Brownsville - SPOILER ALERT (possible) - I think the show is setting up for Claire's abduction by the Browns at the end of the season (season finale), pulling forward that storyline from Book 6. Lionel Brown was giving the real stink-eye to Claire, several times. I think he is a misogynist and is suspicious about Claire being involved in Isaiah's escape from Lionel's form of justice for losing his possible son-in-law / gravy train since Alicia refused to marry the guy he wanted her to. He's much more likely to blame Claire than Jamie.

  3. Hey gals, so much fun to listen to your recap. You always point things out that I may miss. Thanks, as always, for sharing your time with us. Since we talked about Carol touching her hair, another really cute thing is how many times Tracy says the word "like". Thanks again guys. Really great!

  4. Poor Roger is trying to solve Eighteenth Century problems with Twentieth Century logic, which flies right over the heads of the heads of the backwoodsmen. No one, including Jamie, understands his Oxford professor view of things.
    His singing is nice, but is he going to sing in every episode? It seems kind of spliced in.

  5. I think the show is making Roger more pathetic too. For instance, in the book, when Claire examines his eyes, she finds out he doesn't have 3D vision and that's why he can't shoot anything. In the show, she says his eyes are fine. I really really hope they don't have Claire's abduction be Roger's fault...

    ps. Who cares if either of you touch your hair? You guys are great, keep being you! :)

  6. I totally thought Bonnet was there psyching Bri out just because he is a psychopath. They did pull the shot back and showed it from behind the trees as if he was watching all pleased with himself for the chaos he created. That would be how he derived pleasure - from torturing her mind.
    And, p.s. and by the way, love, love, love your recaps. I twirl my hair constantly!!

  7. Fyi, Jamie made Roger a captain to keep him near him and safe. He said this when he made him captain.