Sunday, March 1, 2020

MOP VIDEO: Outlander “Free Will” Season 5 Episode 503 RECAP

MOP VIDEO: Outlander “Free Will” Season 5 Episode 503 

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including why book readers are going to be apoplectic over this episode; why the producers of Hoarders are ready to feature Claire and her moldy bread; our new name for the Big House; what we now know is the most romantic scene in Outlander; the languidity (if that’s a word) of this episode; Roger’s Andy Rooney eyebrows; why Sophie Skelton has the hardest job on the show; how the campfire brought back all the clan feels; the revelation that one of the Beardsleys is keh-ZYE-ah and not KEZ-ee-ah; the true state of the Fraser finances; #mediclaireforall; how much we love when JAMMF says hello the house; what happens when JAMMF finds Ben Gardner’s boat; all the props to the sound department for the Beardsley fly sounds; how Fanny Beardsley would have a fightin’ chance in the ring against JAMMF; why we wish JAMMF would use the term Sassenach more often; why you should always listen to what Alexa has to say; why our family is so blessed that once upon a time, an Arizona professor decided to write a book for practice; and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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  1. Way back in season two when Claire helped Colin end his life Jamie called it a mortal sin. How times have changed.
    Roger has to find his own inner strength. As the book and show have different perspectives we have to wait and see.

  2. I believe Jamie spoke in Latin (like a prayer) at the beginning of the episode.
    Love you guys and the recaps!

  3. “All those PAPERS”! Hah! Receipts from Rural King for goat feed, perhaps?

  4. Actually, in the book Jamie is worried about being accused of murder when he shoots Beardsley. He makes sure there are no witnesses and they bury the body right away so nobody will know he was shot. So it would still be considered murder.

  5. This was a great recap and one of the funniest yet! I was just waiting for "they went this way and they went that way!!!!"

    Carol - I love the thought of Bree and Roger detective work in Boston - but for me, her books are long enough as they are....

    The Roger woes continue. Roger can't do that, Roger can't even shoot. Poor Roger Captain Roger - but I did laugh at the comments by you two!

    I loved that no one think Jamie can stop Claire - no way.

    Kind of grisly, and Bear's music suited, but the recap was great!!!


  6. Love the comments y'all!!! Keep 'em coming!!!  😘