Sunday, March 15, 2020

MOP Video: Season 5, Episode 505 "Perpetual Adoration" RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including how we’re faring with social distancing and all things Coronavirus; Claire’s impeccable Jackie O ‘60s fashion sense; why the Claire and Jamie montage was the most EVERYTHING thing since the Bella and Edward montage in Breaking Dawn II; why Graham “Not Tobias” Menzies rocked our world; why (WHY?WHY?WHY?) Fergus has once again reverted to the background; how well Claire did the “A Little Bit Alexis” hand washing before Kezzie’s surgery; how Roger resembles Rainman (hint: they both have a particular talent) and why he needs to find the Ridge Vegas; where Bree went wrong with her Roger discussion; why Claire has better priest conversations thank Phoebe Waller-Bridge; why not telling Roger that Bonnet is still alive was maybe ill-advised, Bree; why this is a Javert-y special episode of Outlander; how JAMMF is cheating on Lord John with Lefty and the chess-playing; why JAMMF as a cold blooded killer is not sitting well with us; it’s ADSO y’all!!; and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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  1. None of the Knox and Jamie thing happened in the book because murtagh was already dead

  2. Great recap, y'all. BTW, I love the MOP Tom stories. Don't stop those.

    Now, as to Jamie's murder of Lt. Knox - it really bothered me, too. It was brutal and seemed un-Jamie-like, but I hope the following episodes will show it weighing on Jamie's conscience. That could "redeem" this change from the books. (And I also thought Jamie has seen lots of CSI episodes because he was really good at staging the crime scene before he climbed out the window.)

    Sending love and wishes for good health from Costa Rica!

  3. Jamie kills Claire's rapist without hesitation in cold blood.

  4. As a doctor, Clare would have been well versed in scientific procedure. She would have observed her experiments & taken copious notes. Once she found the mold she was looking for, I imagine she would have disposed of all the useless ones & proceeded to nurture the good one so it would thrive & multiply. How she refined the raw mold into concentrated, injectable penicillin, using Eighteenth Century equipment seems to take a little bit of suspension of disbelief. But she did & now she can save the world!

  5. The syringe is the one she brought from Boston when she went back to Jamie. It was in a little brown zipper case with some penicillin. It's the one she used on Jamie when he was wounded at Lollybroch (can't remember the circumstances, but he had a gunshot or a slash in his arm that got infected.) She also had him use it on her when she was injured in Jamaica. It miraculously washed up on the shore along with Jamie's kilt.


  7. Tracey and Carole, In your video discussing episode 505 you say Jamie Fraser would never commit cold blooded murder and cover it up.
    I must disagree with you. In Chapter 95 of Fiery Cross entitled Summer Dim we find out Jamie did just that. While he was in Ardsmuir he killed Private Bobby Murchison by strangling him with the chain the English forced him to wear for being the notorious Red Jamie during the Rising. He then dumped Murchison’s body in the quarry that was on the moor where the Ardsmuir men cut peats. After Jamie finished shoving the body into the bottom of the quarry he realized that three men had witnessed the deed: Duncan Innes, Gavin Hayes, and Tom Christie. He knew Hayes and Innes were loyal to him and would keep silent but he was unsure about Christie who was jealous of Jamie’s position as leader of the prisoners. That’s why those three were the first people Jamie “made” as Freemasons when he founded Ardsmuir Lodge Number Two. Jamie felt the homicide was justified because Bobby Murchison and his twin Billy were abusive toward the Ardsmuir prisoners and Bobby was the more cruel of the pair.
    Even so Jamie was disconcerted when Tom Christie showed up on the Ridge wanting to homestead. That feeling is what prompted Jamie to tell Claire the story of what happened during that long ago Summer Dim. As is the way of such things,however, Jamie’s secret did become known both to all the Ardsmuir prisoners and to Harry Quarry who was the Prison Governor at the time but was never publicly exposed. The prisoners understood the magnitude and the cost of what Jamie had done for them. In speaking of Tom Christie’s jealousy of Jamie Kenny Lindsay tells Roger,”I don’t think he understood what it cost to be Chief in a place like that.”
    In one of the Lord John books Harry Quarry tells John that he strongly suspected Jamie killed Bobby Murchison but without a body he couldn’t prove it for certain. That’s the reason Quarry kept Jamie in chains even though he enjoyed his company and respected him as a gentleman.
    I think the show pulled off a brilliant piece of adaptation in having Jamie kill Knox to protect Murtaugh. It preserves the worthiness of Jamie’s motivation and again shows the cost of leadership.
    KC MOP Fan

  8. So if Claire was worried about penicillin allergy since the Scottish guy in the 60’s died, why wasn’t she concerned about giving it to JAMMF after Leghair shot him? I mean she whipped that needle out and poked him right in the ass without hesitating, what if he went into anaphylaxis? I don’t remember her bringing any epi pens too!! The Sam Heughen “...NEedle in my ARse...” line Brilliant! Why hasn’t this man won an Emmy?!?! You rock Sam! Not enough recognition for you!

  9. I am very bothered by Jamie committing cold blooded murder. When Knox told Jamie that he was expecting to receive the Ardsmuir list,I was not worried because Jamie travels with an accomplished pick-pocket. Fergus could easily steal the document from the courier, even with only one hand. I was surprised when the papers were actually delivered. But then I thought we would see Jamie, a very clever man, create some kind of diversion or somehow “accidentally” drop the papers in the fire or find some ruse to get Knox out of the room without the papers and remove the incriminating pages. That seems much more in character than cold blooded murder. I hope at some point he will be haunted by this act, much as he is by the killing of Dougal, which was self-defense stemming from Dougal threatening to kill Claire. I realize everything Jamie does is to protect his family and those for whom he feels responsible, but I can’t see him going this far.

  10. Thanks for the recap following such a hard and tiring week. -Re Lefty's demise at Jamie's hands - I think what I heard was your struggle between Lefty's loyalty to the law and Jamie's loyalty to family. The allusion to philosophical discussions between the two highlighted the questions of what is right and wrong. Given the revolutionary context, maybe what the writers were setting up is the tension between some laws that are moral and some are not, some laws and morality are based on personal interest and some on community interests, some laws are naturally meant to be affirmed or overturned because a higher law calls for compliance and others, rejection even by immoral/violent means, some are made by people and are relative, some are created by God and are immutable, etc. Pull one thread and the whole web is affected..
    Outlander made a good attempt at making Jamie sympathetic in a terrible act...I thought in keeping with his character in the book and show. His highest loyalty/ his morality is life securing the protection of family/those in his care/vulnerable without his defense. Any means to support the vows he made to chief, clan, family, God are ways he may not enjoy, but will take - no matter the consequences to his own person. -'He'll live in support of other's ambitions without complaint, but won't allow his family to be hunted like dogs.' -Good night, y'all!

  11. so, the penicillin allergy, brings claire back to jamie. death of one patient makes claire more cautious with the kezzies. death of lefty serves a higher good too.

    don't think jamie murdered for personal reasons at all. lefty killed out of temper and loyalty to law. jamie didn't commit cold-blooded murder, but it was intensional and loyalty to people; himself, judge, jury, executioner.

  12. From inside the script regarding the syringe Claire used

    Claire takes her syringe out of Dr. Rawlings medical kit -- the brass nameplate obvious -- then draws the syringe full of penicillin from a broth bowl.

  13. I think you both had my comments with the live tweeting, but I thought this was an unbelievably well done episode including one of the strongest written script they have produced.
    You two saved me with laughter and hilarity on this incredibly grim start of the week.
    Thanks so much! What a terrific recap! As I said, Starz should run this after the episode!

  14. I thought this episode and your recap was a total balm for the soul this week. The episode evoked season one with Claire's voiceovers (which I really think lends a special and unique tone). I loved the flashbacks and of course Joe Abernathy! I still speculate on whether he will show up as a time traveler at some point. They gave Roger and Bree some great scenes and I really liked his interaction with Claire. The episode was very poignant and had so many themes--illness, death, marriage, loyalty, duty and family.

    Loved your recap as I didn't think anything this week would make me laugh I especially couldn't stop laughing when you were talking about the gallbladder surgery, and also about Claire's 1960s hair.

    I'm a medical librarian for a children's hospital and am shifting to working from home as all non-clinical staff are encouraged to do so. I'm so glad we have the episodes to look forward to as an escape from the stress. Really grateful for your recaps and the joy you are bringing during dark times!