Sunday, March 22, 2020

MOP Video: Season 5 Episode 506 “Better to Marry Than Burn” RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including why we are now ready to take revenge on coronavirus (it forced the cancelation of My Outlander Purgatory’s Scotland trip ☹); how Philip Wylie’s wig powder mask could protect us all from the coronavirus; which celebrity instagrams you should be following; why we want whatever youth serum Jocasta is taking; why Jamie will NEVER love you, Roger!; why we don’t understand the point of this week’s B-story; the disgustingness that is Philip Wylie; why all Irishmen within 50 miles of Cross Creek are of course Stephen Bonnet; why none of the JAMMF bet with Wylie made any sense at all and why the Bonnet/JAMMF and Claire relationship streams should not be crossed; why the barn scene left us cold; whether or not a big plot point from the book will happen; shout out to Karen Henry and Outlandish Observations; and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

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  1. OMG! Just started playing the video and have to say love love love the Ew, David t-shirt!

  2. Jocasta needed to marry because men wouldn't do business with her so she could River Run. She needed a front man...literally.

  3. Jocasta needs a husband because men won't do buisness with her and she can't run River Run without a frontman
    The B plot: the show has once again changed Jamie. He had his doubts about Roger, but was always fair. It seems the writers think we can't pick up on a little nuance. Going overboard with Jamie's scorn meant they had to give Roger a big heroic moment, so they stole another one from Claire ( who handled the locusts while the men were away).

  4. When Creepy Guy took Claire to the barn to see his stallion, all I could think of was that scene in The Godfather. I said aloud, "If you try anything with Claire buddy, Jamie'll have that horse's head in your bed!"

  5. We do need you more than just once a week !!!

  6. I've been wondering why the opening credits show Claire and Jamie from behind. Are they looking towards their past or their future?
    The hair dept. will never win any awards. The men's wigs are awful.

  7. One of my least favorite episodes. So unbelievable. My husband said, "It's like they just had to throw some sex in real quick." I keep cracking myself up remembering the Friends episode when Joey asked Rachel if he should take her roughly in the barn (like her romance novel)!
    Sorry about the Scotland trip. We missed our Disney vacation and are basically homeschooling in Mississippi now.

  8. Could you hear me yelling "RIGHT! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!" throughout your YouTube talk?!! Agree with you both 100% on the disappointments in this episode. Well, actually I've been disappointed with each episode of season 5 so far. It seems to be filmed like a soap opera; too many "dramatic meaningful looks" without dialogue and nothing seems to relate back to things that happened, or things they would remember in season 4.

  9. So sorry about the trip. Stay well, you all!
    I agree with the waste of Lord John. And also Fergus!
    I am glad they've used more of the book this season. Much better than the last couple of seasons.
    I feel like this episode was meant for us to come to appreciate the Briana and Roger relationship - maybe in prep for the upcoming events... But, I wasn't feeling it either. The locust thing was in the book, and I agree, strangely, I didn't connect with The Ridge.
    Totally agree with the weird cut and paste of the River Run wedding. So perfunctory and sterile in the midst of the lush set.
    I did like that they got into Jocasta's back-story. And it may be that they meant to draw a comparison between the sacrifices she made for the French gold and to the memories and risk and bad luck also attached to Claire's gold.
    Hopefully, that's the last we've seen of Murtaugh's wig for awhile! But I have a feeling we're going to see him in the next battle, rather than the other main character from the book. Next...!?

  10. Well they have to have Roger do something to get respect from the ridge and Jamie but the story line could have been better. I agree on misusing (not enough screen time) Lord John and Fergus’s character. Viewing the “cake” is always appreciated!