Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Just want to throw out a "Happy Birthday!!" to Karen who is the section leader over at the Compuserve Books and Writers Community. Karen has been a great friend to us over here at My Outlander Purgatory... and she is also celebrating 4 years of being an Outlander fan!  I can't imagine how much work she does over at Compurserve (I shiver to think, actually) and she is always very helpful when we're completely clueless about anything from Claire's love of herbs to Jamie's new-found pocket change (which we discussed at chat last night) to historical accuracies and such.

Karen tells a great story on her website, Outlandish Observations...about how she found the Outlander series...and how she went from not knowing a thing about it - to meeting Diana Gabaldon - and becoming the "Czarina of Traffic" at the Books and Writers Community -  a title given her by Diana, HERSELF.

This totally reminded me of last year when I first started blogging and found out my neighbor's mother in law has done some work (reading to the blind) with Diana in Arizona. Knowing Jean might tell her mother in law about the blog, I said "Wow - do you think Diana might actually hear of our website some day?!" Bwa ha ha! Oh I'm quite certain she's heard of us now...not sure what leads me to think that... could it be my BIG, FAT NOGGIN on screen making a complete ASS of myself at ComicCon?! ;)

So please join me in saying CONGRATULATIONS Karen!  And we hope you have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)


Karen Henry said...

Thank you so much!! Wow, I never expected a whole blog post about me. It's kind of overwhelming. :-)

The OUTLANDER fan community is just wonderful, isn't it? Thanks to you and Tracey for adding a great deal to my enjoyment of All Things Outlander over the past year! I love those Monday-night chats. Very entertaining! :-)

And no, I don't think Diana is going to forget the two of you anytime soon! Face it, you're famous! (Or is that "infamous"?)

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Four years of Outlander!!! I have been celebrating everyday for seven months ever since i cracked open Outlander, and I am sure I still will be at four years.
Happy Birthday Karen and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

writex3 said...

Happy Birthday Karen! And thanks for the tips you left in the comments as to where to read for refreshers. I'm still wondering where the part is where Roger fails to go through the stones and hears his father if any of you know. And what's this about Jamie's newfound pocket change? I think we need a MOP summary of chats for those of us who can't make it.

Arabella said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope it's a great one!

Karen Henry said...

Thanks everybody! :-)

Adventures - look at DRUMS chapter 33, "Midsummer's Eve", for Roger's first attempt to go through the stones.

No idea what the "pocket change" comment refers to, though. Maybe Carol can explain that? I honestly don't remember that from last night's chat.


Tracey R. said...

Happy birthday Karen--hope you're having a fabulous one!!!!

Re: "pocket change"--I'm thinking Carol's referring to the speculating I did re: Voyager, where Jamie all of the sudden comes into a big payday that he uses to buy his printing press, but it's never said where a recently-out-of-prison-and-servitude-and-now-trying-to-help-his-family-make-ends-meet Jamie might have happened to come across a big windfall. I speculated that maybe it was a dowry from Laoghaire (and hence another clue re: The Big Reveal), but we decided that the $$$ probably came from one of the silkies' stones. (Claire didn't yet know that story--hence the reference had to be vague, or Jamie would have had to tell her that whole story too.)

Angela Fielding said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! Thank you for all the insights! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!!

Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Angela!!


Karen Henry said...


Oh, OK, now I remember. :-) Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Purgatory Carol said...

Yes, that was it! I was talking about the money Jamie used to buy the printing press.

And Adventures - I thought about copying last night's chat... that's so funny you should mention it. I used to post it afterward...but a few people complained that they didn't like their comments public for the world to see. Soooo... I stopped doing it.

And another THANK YOU to Shona for staying up and chatting with us at that ungodly hour last night! Shona is from Aberdeen SCOTLAND, y'all! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Karen!! --Julie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen!! And have a Happy Thanksgiving too :)
- Bri

L said...

Happy Birthday to Karen!

I call her

The Mrs. Fitz of CompuServe.

Karen Henry said...

L - thanks! That makes me laugh.


mymacintyre said...

Hope you had a great birthday Karen. Thanks for all the work you do on compuserve. I really enjoy that site (and this one too of course) I'm mymacintyre over there. happy thanksgiving everyone