Saturday, November 6, 2010

Philadelphia Freedom

SPOILER ALERT: Ye may not wish to read this post if ye havena yet read An Echo in the Bone.

So the kids were off from school this week... and what better place to visit but the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. BEN Franklin, to be exact.

Now - I didna take the Liberty Bell tour... (I have a few times in the past) but I did get some decent shots of Ben's likeness...and some things that may interest ye.

And please note the name of the fellow who made the bust of Benjamin Franklin. One James Earle Fraser. Mmm hmmm.

Just click the pause button if you want to read the notes about the sculpture and tea set!


  1. Love the skyline shot! I heart Philly. Too bad DG doesn't seem so fond of it.

  2. Question: Are any of the old, original parts of the city preserved - like a museum?

  3. L, that's a great question. Erin could probably answer that better than I. BUT - if you want to see Philadelphia the way it was back then... I'd suggest a visit to Society Hill. That "city street" photo I uploaded is nothing compared to what you'll see there.. with the shutters and window boxes and narrow alleys and window iron... oh it's a site to behold if you loved An Echo in the Bone. :)

  4. There is a section downtown called "Old City" and while not a museum, it is a thriving business and residential area. Much of the colonial architecture is preserved and it's easy to lose yourself walking down the streets imagining how it was during the revolutionary period. I'd love to do a Clair Fraser walking tour!

    There are also many historical sites, Carpenters Hall, Liberty Bell, The Constitution Center that are museums/visitors centers. I think my favorite is the Bety Ross house. I used to spend many lunch hours just sitting and visiting the grounds & house.

  5. Haven't been to Philly since I was a teen--quite a while ago, but it was memorable. I ran up and down the steps of the Philly museum of art--a la Rocky. haha Is there going to be a chat tonight? I'm usually not available on Mondays, but I should be around. Can't wait! My virgin debut for chat!