Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How the SCOTS Invented the Modern World

My Outlander Purgatory bud, Stephanie sent in this AWESOME book suggestion and said it was "something we could all appreciate; Himself included." I have to agree!


  1. I actually read that book a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it!

  2. Just read another review for a book called How the Irish Saved Civilization. Looks interesting as well...

    ps - Noticed your friend Stephenie has an "e" --- she's not of Twilight fame is she? Its just an unusual spelling....

  3. No Adventures - that was my bad - I spelled it wrong! I think I'm so used to spelling it with an "e" BECAUSE of Stephenie Meyer that I just do it involuntarily now!

    My apologies to StephAnie for spelling your name wrong! I fixed it pronto! :)

  4. No worries Carol.

    And Adventures, I wish I could claim Twilight for my own ;)

  5. Me too, Stephanie!

    I figured since Carol's all famous now from her video clip at the DG conference that she probably rubbed shoulders with the -en Steph as well. Its ok, Carol. I still think you're a rock star (-;

  6. Very interesting book! I posted a
    review of it on my blog last year. I learned a lot from reading this book, though I do think he got a bit carried away in the last part, claiming that virtually every major invention in the last 200 years was Scottish in origin. Not being of Scottish descent myself, I'm pretty skeptical. :-)

    Still, it's an interesting book and definitely worth reading.