Monday, November 8, 2010

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander CHAT tonight! 9PM Eastern y'all. I am looking forward to a little Philly discussion - aka ECHO discussion - and anything else you feel like talking about! See you then!


  1. My Aunt Helen called with a report on her reading of Drums of Autumn.
    Here are some of her comments.

    1. I want Ulysses to stand around and put things in my hand. (Aunt Helen is almost as blind as Jocasta.)

    2. I have noticed that Jamie does something first then thinks about it later.

    3. I am glad Ian didn’t shoot Roger – I can just see Roger’s name with a line through it.

    4. I got to the part where they gave Roger to the Indians and I just about fell off my chair – I just couldn’t go to bed.

    5. I wonder if there really is a henge in South Carolina.

    6. How could somebody (Roger) raised in the city go around barefooted? First he lost his shoes then he had them – maybe the Indians gave them back to him.

    7. They (Jamie and Claire) always have misunderstandings. Claire’s main way to solve problems is to have sex.

    8. I am wearing clothes that don’t have to be ironed because I don’t have time to iron them.

    9. It was cute when Ian got dressed up with bear grease and asked Bree to marry him.

    10. Jocasta sure had a hard time getting an heir.

    11. I wondered about Jocasta and Ulysses, in real life you just wouldn’t be so familiar.

    12. DG really has trouble with ages and dates or maybe I can’t keep up.

    13. How will Roger and Bree get back together after all they said to each other?

    14. Did I miss something? What happened to Willie and Jamie? One minute they were on a trip to see the Indians – the next minute Willie was gone.

    15. I am tired, it was nice to leave that book behind.

  2. I love Aunt Helen! Thanks for sharing this, L.

  3. That's hysterical...and so true!

  4. RE: Aunt Helen The conversations are so long and so one sided, I can only write down a few of her comments. During the conversations she tells me about other things on her mind too. I only wish she would call more often cuz we canna really discuss one of those huge books in one conversation.

  5. I adore Aunt Helen! So much fun, and so right on (-;

  6. Hey Carol--how about a new tab on the outlander purgatory site: Aunt Helen's World, or Aunt Helen Says, or Aunt Helenisms, or something or other....she is just too funny! --Julie

  7. Great point, Julie! Aunt Helen should be famous! I wish she'd have her own Outlander Hour on Cable!

    I love that she said DG has trouble with dates, etc. That's what a chunk of chat was about last night. How DG can possibly keep up with herself is a mystery to me! I can't remember half the characters and dates!!

  8. Aunt Helen needs to hook up with Herself (DG) and become a character in Book 8!! She's brilliant!