Friday, November 19, 2010

A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have read "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows".

Ho. Ly. CRAPOLA. OK so I go into this book thinking a) it's just going to be a nice story about Roger's parents....and b) it's going to be sad.

WOWWIE MACWOWWIE was I wrong-a-mundo!!!!!!

Let me clarify: I AM NOT FINISHED! So PLEASE - no spoiler comments!!!
OK - so - Jerry (that HOTTIE) just went through the stones. Poor bugger thinks his head hurts from the crash... but not-sa-fast Jerry old boy... you don't know what you are in for.
And the most AMAZING thing is that *I* dinna know what he's in for, either! I have no IDEA what time period he's going to FIND himself in!

And why is THAT so huge - to the point where I'm annoying mySELF with all these CAPS and exclamation points?!?

BECAUSE ROGER IS GOING TO EFFING MEET HIM IN BOOK 8, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!  I could NOT be more intrigued... or more happy with this book. So get your ASS to the store - or my AMAZON link - and buy A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows if you have not already done so, mmmmkayyyyy???

MORE LATER! I'm headed to the school parking READ, y'all!!!!!!!


  1. I don't even know what to say about this story. All that comes to mind at the moment is God bless you DG, but damn you at the same time!!! I am so heartbroken....

  2. I'm thinking that we might be skyping this weekend, lass. Once you are done, we're not going to be able to wait until Thanksgiving to discuss this....

  3. P.S. Did I not say it was WOWWIE MACWOWWIE-worthy????

  4. This one is definitely going to require a video from you two! :-)
    Diane in GA

  5. So did DG say somewhere that they're going to meet in Book 8?

    I just finished the story and came her FIRST to sort through it all, in all its awesomeness. So hurry up and read, willya!

  6. I'm going back to B&N tomorrow to read it again while I wait for my book from Amazon.

  7. Just LOVED it! What a nice little surprise to end the week! It exceeded my expectations, verra intriguing, and definitely left me wanting more.
    Diana's brilliant mind never ceases to amaze me:)


  8. hi carol
    catching up with your posts after being offline for a week. i,ve been busy with my newborn son who arrived last sunday :-)
    i forgot about the book coming out !!! so now i,ve got to go find out if it,s available here in the uk yet? can,t wait to read it.
    lesley :-)

  9. I don't know why but I'm a little nervous to read it! But I think you have all talked me into it.

    Yay Lesley! Congrats on your little guy! I was thinking about you the other day. I hope everything went great! Such a fun time to have a baby. Just snuggle down in a warm cozy house, and just nibble away on those cheeks! Bliss!

  10. Please, MOP Tracy, tell me you've read this by now!? Are you two busy skyping?

    Lesley, you'll have to share with us what this story is like mixed with post-partum hormones. I'm thinking I would've been a puddle. Congratulations to you on your new baby.

  11. whoops, sorry, I think its Carol who hadn't finished it at last check. Or Regis. Or whoever.