Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dodge Revolutionary War Commercial

OK so there's a car or three in the middle of this thing... but I still found it to be pretty cool to watch. (And I saw a pretty tasty candidate for Black Jack Randall, too!)


  1. I loved this commercial (even though I'm more of a Ford Mustang girl). I loved George's determined kick-butt face while driving the car. He did look a little Robin Williams but still pretty cool.
    American Rocks!

    My husband & I were also discussing what a pain it must have been to carry such long guns, plus the whole loading a musket thing.

  2. I had a dodge challenger when they first came out. Royal blue with black interior. Gosh, I AM OLD!

  3. This is great! Thanks!


  4. I like this commercial too but then I just got a Dodge Charger in August (my first new car in 11 years!!) so I'm a little biased! :)