Monday, December 27, 2010

East Coast Winter Storm - Take 2

Last night at 11PM:

This AM at 8:00

After a visit from Mr. Snowblower:

 My front door this AM: 

  My front door now:


  1. WOW!!! I just want to go dive in it, roll around a bit and then sit by a fire allll day. I don't know how Life goes on when it's like that outside...break out the hot chocolate :)

    On a side note, it's 65 and sunny here in L.A. today.

  2. You know, if you get stranded while checking your trap lines you should cut off some chestnut tree branches and make a shelter. Be sure to let the snow pile up around you for insulation. I just thought I would would remind you of that ;p

    Have fun in the snow!

  3. Also make sure you are in the company of a 6'4" reidheid hottie who has never heard the story of Dracula and is repulsed...yet intrigued. Mmmphm. ;-)

  4. Holy Crap, that's a looooot of snow. And I thought we over here in Germany had gotten tons of snow over the last few weeks. But it's not as much as this in your photos and it took weeks and not just one night over here. I hope you have enough books, audiobooks, drinks and snacks to enjoy the warm and cosy insides of your home :-)

  5. Just as well you DON'T live on Fraser's Ridge, or you'd be snowbound til the spring thaw! :-) Good luck digging out.

    Chat still on for tonight, or will you cancel on account of all the snow?


  6. oh blimey carol !! i thought we had it bad when it got to about 5 inches had fallen in a few days here. i hate the snow. i hate it even worse when it starts to thaw then freezes again, i have to get some snow boots, mind you its all gone now thank goodness. hope it doesn,t stay too long for you (unless you like it)