Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great Scottish Bands

I've been youtubing a bit today... Haven't had a free moment for a few weeks... and a change of schedule afforded me that luxury today.

So what have I been doing? Listening to Scottish bands. Old habits... yeah yeah. Enjoy.

Travis - "Why Does it Always Rain on Me?"  This is one of my playlists songs. I hear it when Jamie's at Helwater... and Geneva has just made her proposal... and you know he's just like "Oh come ON! WHY canna I ever catch a BREAK?!?" PS - Hot Scots; gotta love 'em. There's even a kilt. Melt. <3

I'll put more songs in other posts. Too many youtube clips make for a very slowwwww blog. :)


  1. Butt pat at the end, too...
    Gotta smile

  2. Great song...Also, I just started watching The Tudors (Showtime-Season 1) & there is an actor by the name of Kristen Holden-Reid who portrays Sir William Compton & I can't stop thinking that maybe he would be a good Jamie...what do ya think??? Anyone watch The Tudors?

  3. Kristen is a good actor; however, the face is WRONG for Jamie, which is why he's not been suggested previously--despite the get-up in "The Tudors."

    .....Another of the "Anonymous" throng

  4. I am ALL OVER this Kristen guy--but for either Ian rather than Jamie. OMG, if his face isn't "slightly homely yet handsome," I don't know what is.

  5. I know they're not purely Scottish, but Snow Patrol's 'Run' came to mind - maybe because I'm approaching the bitter end of my DIA listen.

    re. Jamie...I think I almost pity the actor who ends up getting the part when that day comes! At the risk of getting laughed off MOP, I'll tell you who came to my mind first when I was trying to envision Jamie with the red hair and cat-like blue eyes: hockey player Peter Forsberg! Go ahead...laugh...I am! But I think he came to mind when Diana described Jamie as looking like some long-lost Norse invader or something to that effect.

  6. Oh Adventures... You are tugging at my heartstrings. Snow Patrol - like U2 - are on my short list of bands who give me that Outlander feeling. Every time I hear "Run", I see Jamie, in slow motion, yelling at Claire to run...and him fighting with the English soldiers... and the soldier almost catching up with Claire... and her running through the stones. My god I have chills while typing this.

    Light up, light up... as if you have a choice... even if you cannot hear my voice... I'll be right beside you dear...

    Oh god I might cry. Seriously.

    As for your vision - I totally see what you're talking about. And don't you worry about getting laughed off MOP; it'll never happen. Keep the suggestions coming! :)

  7. Carol, I KNOW! That song does that to me, too! Then you had to bring up U2 - One reminds me of Voyager, shortly post-reunion. I come! (maybe another splash of wine as well, too...)

    As for my vision - trade a kilt for the hockey skates & a brogue (or is it called a burr?)for the Swedish accent, and I don't think its all that far off, either! Thanks for humoring me (-;

  8. FYI.....Kristen Holden-Reid turns 38 next summer.....born August 1, 1973. The film REQUIRES YOUNGER men both for Jamie and for Ian.

    Like other candidates mentioned at this site, Kristen's FACE will never see 23 again! Even the angelic face of Henry Cavill no longer evidences that bloom of youth.

    Think of older character characters for these very talented actors.

    Like McKidd, Holden-Reid is tall at a squeak over 6'3".

    Hone your casting skills, everyone, and get real!

  9. Sorry, Anonymous...I dinna have time to IMDB every Tom, Dick, Harry, Henry, or Kristen to fact-check the age, ken? I go by what I see in a picture. I am like the American Idol production assistant who makes the first round of cuts, while you are like the Simon Cowell who then separates the wheat from the chaff.

    And I have to admit that I don't take these casting sessions too seriously. Which is why I cast a syrup bottle (Mrs. Butterworth) as my Mrs. Bug. Or why I racked my brain casting the movie with Christmas show characters.

    Y'all want to hear my LATEST Jamie???

    Wait for it....

    Wait for it...

    Yes, lasses, Fabio from Survivor. The long-haired version, not the cleaned up one. With maybe a smidgeon of Chase thrown in for good measure.

  10. Hear Hear oh dear sister Tracey. Your diplomatic wit and charm strike again.

    Let's all just pipe down and remember what we're doing here. We're discussing actors (and hockey players, condiment bottles, various cartoon characters) who we dig for one reason or another. And since none of us are casting agents, there is no need to get worked up at anything that is said over here at MOP.

    Let's remember a quote from one of the most stupendous films of all time, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure:

    Be excellent to each other... and party on, dudes!

  11. Anyone see Aaron Eckhart as Jamie? I do *swoon* that chin... and the triangle eyes, and the height *dies*

    Bands- Travis Love 'em!!!!

    More celtic fusion rather than rock,oh and they're American, but fun: "Bad Haggis" (don't know if they're still around, they played at our local Scots fest a few years back, but their piper tours with the Young

    Or the Wicked Tinkers. They're Didgeridoo player is hot!

    I've said it before (even just yesterday to my blog counterpart), but Mumford & Sons album "Sigh No More" totally reminds of Voyager.

  12. Kevin McKidd is 5'11. I would like to see him play some role in Outlander but who?

  13. OMG Carol, Snow Patrol..Run..I'm a blubbering idiot. My emotions are running high right now, I'm at the Wentworth part of my re-listen. God almighty Claire just left Jamie with that monster!!!

  14. Sanderson - listening to him half whisper "my dear" in "Run" makes me almost run into the street half naked blubbering about the standing stones. Seriously.

    And Talk Supe - YOU are the reason I now cry every time I hear "Little Lion Man" and think of Jamie laying there wishing he were dead. Oh. My. GOD! Totally powerful song! (And be honest, so much fun to sing "I really %$#@ed it up this time".) ;)

  15. Check out Albannach! Scots tribal drumming band. Absolutely mind blowing. They rock. They played at the Highland games, Grandfather Mtn. NC last summer.

  16. Picturing the dramatic explosion of maple goop and glass at her death...Oscar material for Mrs. Butterworth/Bug! My husband's an archer...I'm going to send him out into the woods with a bottle of syrup to practice on so he can snag the part of Ian. (He doesn't know about the tats on the face yet...)

  17. Lolly - check the latest post. :)

    Adventures... when I can stop laughing I'll comment about this. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! The tats on the face sent me over the edge!!!!!!