Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Sassenachs!

Just wanted to throw out a big, ol' HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!

I hope the upcoming year is full of good things for all - especially good, Outlander-related things!

This (very old & terribly scanned) photo was taken during my 2000 trip to Scotland. It is a "Drovers Pass" and they used to drive cattle through it. Tell me that doesn't warm your wame? It was taken during a day trip to Loch Lomond and Lock Fyne...and the Inveraray Castle in Argyll.

My wish for 2011 is that you - and I - get to plan some travel to Scotland - and experience the magic for ourselves. If you build it...they will come.

And if Diana writes it...we will read it. (Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner, anyone?)

Happy New Year, indeed!


  1. Happy New Year!! May 2011 bring prosperity and peace to all those you hold dear.


  2. Happy 2011 to all ! your picture is just lovely, carol. a boon to a my snow-weary nj soul. 2 feet here where i live. --Julie

  3. Happy New Year to Carol and Tracey and the rest of you!! It's been almost exactly a year now since I stumbled across My Outlander Purgatory, and I have to say, y'all have added a LOT to my enjoyment of All Things Outlander over the past year!

    Looking forward to many more discussions, videos, and Monday-night OUTLANDER chats in the coming year. :-)

    Have a wonderful 2011!


  4. New Year's hugs to ALL of our new Outlander friends--you have made the year quite fun for both of us!! Looking forward to many chats/videos/READING in 2011! :-)

  5. Happy New Year's and Hogmanay to Outlander Purgatory! Glad I found your blog and Twitter feed.

  6. Karen, it has been one year for me too. I found it right after I finished Echo. It has been fun. Thanks Carol and Tracey.

  7. Happy New Year Carol, Tracey and all you Lassies! Its been a fun year and I've really enjoyed the blog, chat and Twitter!


  8. Best wishes for 2011 everyone.
    I AM planning my trip to Scotland for September! I want to hire a car for (at least) 14 days and see as much of the country as possible.
    I've been to Edinburgh three times and done a 3day tour of the Highlands but I just want MORE MORE MORE.
    C'mon everybody - start puttin' your pennies away - it is sooooo WORTH it!!!
    Best regards
    Sydney, Australia

  9. You guys are awesome. Happy New Year!

  10. happy new year everyone hope 2011 is fab.
    did anyone have a large redheided scot doing a sword dance on new years eve for them?????
    me neither but never mind eh one can hope :-)