Sunday, December 26, 2010

East Coast Winter Storm

Wow - Tracey and I were supposed to go to a family party today...and you know what that means. OUTLANDER VIDEO. Wine-laden Outlander video at that! COMMA HOWEVER - we are both being battered by this crazy East Coast storm.... so we are now considering Skyping later. Hope everyone had a great holiday - and I hope all you East Coasters are all safe and sound in this crazy weather! Stay tuned...

Here it comes:

2 hours in:

5 hours in:


  1. Carol, what's your latest forecast? We are expecting 15-20 inches. I will try to tweet some shots of my yard later this evening....

  2. Merry Christmas you two. I was smart enough to get to Los Angeles for the holidays and we had here enough rain to service 130,000 homes for a year. Crazy, hun?

    I see a snowman (no, scratch that), I see a family of snow people in your near future!

    Stay warm, keep up the Glenfidditch.


  3. Looks like great weather to snuggle up with a hot toddy and read a good book! Sunny and warm here in Scottsdale.

  4. Before careful you guys! Stay warm.

  5. No snow in Oklahoma. Just the wind sweeping down the plain, as usual.

    I was visiting with my neice at a family gathering over the weekend. She was filling me in on her life after college. She said she had just finished this great book. It was called "Outlander". I screamed (of course) and we spent the next half hour talking about it. She went on to say how confused she was starting the 2nd book. I tried to put the story together for her to keep her going. Long story short, I discovered she was reading "Echo" and not "Dragonfly". No wonder she was confused. Happy ending - she took my copy of "Drangonfly" with her when she left.

    Happy 2011. BTW - I think stumbling upon MOP ranks up in my top 10 new things about 2010. You guys are fun to read.