Monday, February 28, 2011

AYE can...

OMG. Check this out.

Verra cool, Sassenachs. I love it!!!

And dinna forget to click on the map and listen to all the Scots speak!


  1. Swooon!
    How can I get James from East Central the to say Melody instead of melodies? lol I think he's saying melodies in the second or third sentence. Some of it is hard to understand. But I love it!

  2. Thanks for the link! I enjoyed that quite a bit, and will have to spend some time exploring the site.


  3. cool! Steve talking about the scramblies sounds just like my brothers - I'm from Brechin which is inland from Arbroath

  4. verra cool carol, only managed a quick listen to them all so far,going to listen properly later but fascinating that the further down the map you go the broader the accents become.
    -i was looking forward to joining chat last night but fell asleep and little man didn't wake till 03-05!

  5. Verra cool. I found that I could understand the northern dialects with more ease than the southern ones.

    I could also read Scots pretty well, thanks to Diana, nae doubt. ;)