Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Books for Valentine's Day

Ooooh - check out this article at Examiner.com regarding what to read for Valentine's Day. Our very own Outlander is mentioned... but also a book I am now considering reading. Check out what Jesse Coffey has to say about Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning:

"the first of a series of Highlander tales with a little Celtic mythology thrown in for good measure. And with anything Scottish born in the highlands being really hot right now, you can't go wrong with this one. The main character of Hawk is being urged to marry but no woman has ever tickled his fancy--until Adrienne is whisked out of her time and drops in his world. Definitely a page turner. And if you can't find that one specifically, try one of the other six in the series. They're all romantically spectacular!"

We were just talking about "what romance to read next" last night in chat... so I'm happy to have the suggestion!!


  1. Oh, you'll like KMM! Not the same style as Diana, but also very good. I love her Highlander romances, and I love her new Fever series too, even though it has a much different tone than the Highlanders do. (It does tie in with the characters eventually too).

  2. I am on the last of the Fever series which I have enjoyed. (It's not really romantic. Maybe a little lusty, but not romantic.) Based on the recommendation, Karen's Highland series is next!

  3. Oh man...I hate to be a Debbie Downer here...but I listened to the audio version of this book and found it so ridiculous that I was laughing out loud at work!(Perhaps that had something to do with the reader?) I guess I can't advise not reading it, because it is good for a belly laugh, but don't go into it expecting anything remotely as good as Outlander.
    I recently read Dragonwyck by Anya Seton and it's just as good as Green Darkness, so you might want to check that one out as well :)

  4. Thanks lassies... and Bri, is there romance in Dragonwyck? Green Darkness left me with a desperate need for romance. LOL

  5. Thank you, Blue Magnolia. I also started the Highlander series and found it ridiculous, dumb, and boring. Nothing like Diana's books.

    I got the first of the Fever series free on my Nook, so I tried it one day out of boredom. It was slightly more interesting than her other series and I kept with it. I just finished the last one, Shadowfever: zzzzzzzzz, editor??!

    Then again, they get high marks on Amazon, so maybe its just me...

  6. Hey, me again...Have you read Mists of Avalon? Not a romance, but plenty of love & intrigue. How bout Stabenow's Laim Campbell books (got of DG Methadone list)? There's a love theme running through those & you'll like Liam just fine... (-;

    I don't think I've ever read a genre romance book that I could even make it through, to be honest. But I do love books that include romance, hence DG's. Oh...and I'm going to say it one more time: The Saxon Stories. I enjoyed Uhtred's medevial love life!

  7. Hi, Carol - Have you read Surrender by Pamela Clare? If not, give it a look see....the hero, Ian McKinnon and his band of brothers is the closest thing I've ever encountered in a book that could come a little bit close to giving Jamie a run for his money. It's a fantastic, sexy romance during the French and Indian war. You can check out my revew -- highly recommended!


  8. Carol.....You'll find film clips of "Dragonwyck," released 2 years after the novel, on YouTube. This was Vincent Price's best movie role. You might wish to try Anya Seton's "Devil Water," which is set during the Jacobite rebellion of 1715.

    adventures north.....You'll be happy to know that the 6th novel in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales series will be released in October--no title yet revealed.

    To the MOPley Crue at large.....the Fresh Fiction novel sweepstakes site (http://freshfiction.com/contest.php?id=3212) currently is providing the opportunity to win Julianne MacLean's 2nd novel in her Highlander Trilogy: "Claimed by the Highlander." I've not read any of her novels, but it's hard not to try this if it's free! Check out all the other novels (some with extra goodies) at this site for the winning. Titles change monthly.


  9. @Carla - woooo-HOOO! I was wondering when the next would be out. I'm thrilled that it looks like we may have at least a few more in that series. I kinda think a new Liam might be coming our way soon, too, unless I'm only reading what I want into some comments I've seen DS make on FB.

    And am I right that Scottish Prisoner should be out this fall as well? New Jamie & Uhtred....YAY!

  10. Dragonwyck has a really twisted love story, but no romance. It keeps you on the end of your seat though and is a really easy read.

    @Adventures North- I'm glad I'm not the only one ;) I'm interesed in Stabenow's series too, I think I read somewhere that DG said the character of Liam is the closest she's ever seen to Jamie...sounds like a pretty good recommendation to me!

  11. I'm reading the KMM Fever series too (I'm on book 3). I like them, they move really quickly and they remind me a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse/ True Blood books. I even tweeted yesterday that the character of V'lane is rather Northman/Skarsgard-esq (so there's that, and he's not even the main Mmmphm-able male.

    I second @Adventures North. The Mists of Avalon is a good read!

  12. Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware is excellent. It's a romance set in post-Culloden Scotland. One of the main characters is Thomas FRASER. Young Simon, Lord Lovat is his guardian, and plays quite a part in it. I really enjoyed it, and it makes me want to visit Scotland even more!


  13. To all: Thanks for the warnings on Highlander Series. fyi - My dear sister decided to by audiobook of Dark Lover (King of the Brotherhood by JR Ward) - which we both loved reading. Very hot! But gotta tell ya - it's also really funny to listen to. Sis listened in the am while she was getting ready for the day and laughed all the way to work! The reader wasn't very good, truly not sexy enough for our tastes - and the script sounded ridiculous. Just wondering about Highlander...

    Any thanks for all the good recs! I made a MOP list.

    I have been reading JD Robb - Naked in Death series. They have been very entertaining. LS :-)

  14. @ Lolly, we talked about (at least I did) the In Death series last night. I am not a "Romance" reader but love this series. The characters grow as the series unfolds and the leading man is HOT! If I can't have Jamie I will take Roarke!

  15. I loved the Fever books! Hey, I'm not saying they're great literature, but KMM completely entertained me throughout all 5 books. And the UST was palpable...I loved Jericho Barrons. LOVED HIM! :) If you're in the mood for some urban fantasy with a side of lusty smoldering, this is a quick read series for you.

    *winks & waves to talksupe!*

  16. Jenn D! So glad you are joining us!

    Lassies - Jenn D is another blood relative; we could almost call her the "4th Sister". :)

    I am loving all these book suggestions. I am going to make a new tab where I can link to all the posts about book suggestions... so we can all have a constant MOP Methadone list!

  17. I only read the first of the Beyond the Highland Mist series and found it too silly as well.

    I did like the Surrender by Pamela Clare and the next one. I wish she'd write another one about the third brother.

    And a definite yes to JR Ward's Blackdagger Brotherhood series.

    And I know I've told you guys this before but you HAVE to read The Bronze Horseman. Such a wonderful, epic romance. And Alexander comes in a very, verra close second to our Jamie! :) I would love to know what you ladies think of those books.

  18. Hi Lassies,

    I read "Kiss of the Highlander" by Karen Moning and thought it was a ridiculous play on time travel romance (again, this is AFTER Outlander, nothing will ever be the same). I did think Untamed & Surrender by Pamela Clare were decent romance books...much better than Kiss of the Highlander.


  19. I reserved the audio of Highland Mist before I read the comments; I hope find it as amusing as you did!
    Finished Bronze Horseman and am almost ready to tackle #2 in the trilogy. #3 will be out in paperback in June. Good thing, cause it's hard to find.
    Read (and own) the In Death series. Not for the squeamish, but mmmmm Roarke.
    Also read Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. Not much romance, but a compelling, educational story of WWI.

  20. I enjoyed the MacKeltar books in the Highlander series. They were the last 4. And I loved KMMs Fever Series.

    I am always looking for new books to read and look forward to all of the suggestions while I bide my time for the next Outlander book LOL

  21. Downloaded Beyond the Mist to my Kindle yesterday. All I can say is mmmphh...???

    Definately does not compare to Diana's books but interestingly entertaining if you've got nothing else to do. Quick read...I finished last night. It's a kind of "day at the beach book".


  22. I LOVE it when you guys do Book Recommendation posts :-)

    I am LOVING Paulina Simon's The Bronze Horseman series. Book one was awesome. I loved book two as well, Tatiana & Alexander, and loved the series so much I bought the third one on eBay from the UK for about $10 and just got it (no kindle edition and didna want to wait til June). It's NOT the outlander series but it's thrilling, romantic, has a great heroine and hero, and the historical backdrop works really well.
    Again, it's no Outlander, but something about it caught me and I just love it. I think Outlander fans will love it too!