Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Jamie

SPOILER ALERT - Dinna read unless you have read "Dragonfly in Amber". 

Dear Jamie,

I really don't appreciate you acting like such a neanderthal regarding Claire's request to work at L'Hôpital des Anges. What do you think this is, the 18th century? Wait... nevermind.

And so she waxed her legs and pits. Is it really such a big deal? I'm thinking "No" and that you should be happy to have such a forward-thinking lady by your side. YOU wanted her to stand out, did you not? Well... boyfriend... she followed orders and is now standing out and hanging with the Paris elite. So deal.

OH and furthermore, I need you to be cool with her working at L'Hôpital because "Hullo, wee dog" is one of my favorite scenes in the whole bloody series, mmmmkayyyy?  So please hurry up and get there. Well, I suppose I need to hurry up and hurry up and get there. Um... yeah.

Sooooo...thank you for your time and consideration (and gorgeous mass of red hair.)

Respectfully yours,
PS - Wait until you meet Mother Hildegarde. She reminds me of Sister Rafael from Archbishop John Carroll High School for Girls back in the 80s. I still have nightmares. " a RHOMBUS??"


  1. OMG Sister Rafael!!!! (Who also goes by the alias "Sister Corn Teeth" and "Sister Tuna Fish Breath," BTW.) TOO funny--though I do think that Mother Hildegarde is a much nicer version of her. But physical wise, yeah, I totally get it. Need to find a picture....

  2. LOL! Great post. And I like the Jamie-as-Neanderthal picture, too.


  3. Ah, Hildegarde! As your resident music history geek, it struck me right away that Herself must have modelled Mother Hildegarde at L'Hopital des Anges from a real-life woman, Hildegarde von Bingen. The real one lived in the 12th century (not the 18th), but in every other respect, Claire's friend models the real woman: nun, scholar, musician, writer, oh and Saint! An amazing woman, far ahead of her time:

  4. ps - that photo is perfect! Hilarious!

  5. I know, as much as I love Jamie, there are an equal number of times I just want to SMACK him, just reach right in there and yank his ponytail or something!! lol I wish I'd had a place to vent while reading the series the first time around, but in 1998, I was just getting the internet! LOL

  6. Diane K.....Were you aware of the 2009 film "Vision" about Hildegarde von Bingen? You can watch a trailer at the film's website:


  7. hahahaha... the 'waxing' scene is one of my all time favs: She's done it to her... her honeypot? And now she's as bare as a wee lassie? Jamie muttering incoherent things in Gaelic... I giggle every single time I shave my legs - how's that for making a yucky chore more pleasant?! Christie

  8. I soooo want to make neanderthal Jamie my Facebook avi!

    My college roommate played this Hildegard von Bingen CD all the time. It's great! Good reading in front of the fire background music.