Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tracey and I want to throw a big THANK YOU out there to Lesley who sent us beautiful book marks she MADE - all the way from the UK.

Let me tell you... everyone likes getting a little giftie now and then... and Tracey and I are no different!  What a surprise! And look at the DRAGONFLY! SO pretty!! :)


  1. Thank you sooooo much Lesley! They are beautiful, and you are so thoughtful to have made them for us.

    I swear, Purgatory lasses are the BEST!!!! xoxo!!

  2. Beautiful! What a great idea. I hadn't thought of making a bookmark. I'm putting it on my big list of things to try.
    I bought a dragonfly charm & amber beads to make a bracelet but still haven't done it.

    It's it amazing how many creative things like crafting, art, & blogging that these books have inspired. Cool!

  3. carol and tracey
    you are most welcome, glad you like them.