Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Second Life

Check out what Tracey just found! 

I actually just posted on their Facebook page and asked if it's supposed to be Jamie. They'll probably laugh at me, lassies... but who cares, right?!

OK so the woman is in a red evening dress and wearing a tiara... but still. Maybe Claire wore it to a USO function in the 40s?! (I know, I know.. it's a stretch. LOL) 


  1. It's from some virtual community called Second Life--anyone familiar with it? I came across it while perusing g a research brief about 21st century literacies at work. That might sound all highbrow, but trust me--the drool coming out of my mouth whilst watching that animation was most certainly NOT highbrow...

  2. And PS - they didn't laugh at me... THEY REMOVED MY POST! LOL!!!

  3. My husband played Second Life for a while, but then he kind of lost interest. I don't ever remember his Avatar looking like THAT! :-O

  4. LOL Carol! glad you've never done that to me... (-: (that I know of)

  5. My 4yr old boy just asked if it was a girl indian...
    I watched the Thor trailer and that is my new Jamie!