Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Ballad of Nessie

MOP friend Brandy emailed me about an adorable short film being shown before the new Winnie the Pooh movie, called "The Ballad of Nessie".  What is it about?  The Loch Ness monster!  And where is it set?  Scotland, of course! Seeing as I have two Winnie the Pooh-loving kids (whose parents are pretty smitten as well) I am so excited about this...because I'll actually get to SEE it!


  1. Yay! Thanks Carol! :) I thought of nothing but Jamie & Claire while watching. The short was very cute though and I loved the message. And the Pooh movie was great too - the kids loved it!

  2. Hi Carol,
    Another non-MOP question: could you pleeease start a My True Blood Purgatory site? There's just so much to discuss, especially during this kooky season (a nice Eric??, "you just killed my fairy godmother!"). I'm sure you could do it all justice!
    Just a thought. --Julie

  3. You know what, Julie? I have considered that many, many times. I read books 1-9 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (Keep meaning to read 10/11 but I haven't heard great things.) I LOVE True Blood and wait for it all week. I guess I figure it's only on once a week and the blog would be pretty boring in the interim. Also - there are a gazillion True Blood sites out there so I figure "Who's gonna look at mine with all the other awesome ones out there?"

    But you asking makes me consider it (insert evil mwa ha ha ha here). :)

  4. Carol - the latest book was much better than the last couple. Things are finally starting to come together and she is wrapping things up and moving forward. I thought you could really tell in this book. I actually almost gave up about 3 books ago (?). I just read an interview with her that she confirms there are only 2 more books.

  5. Oooh thanks for letting me know, Brandy. I loved all of them up through Book 7 (the vamp convention concept was so hilarious I didn't know what to do with myself). Books 8 and 9 had me yawning...and then I heard book 10 was so/so and there wasn't enough Eric. I've heard mixed reviews on this last one...but they are such easy reads (Tracey calls them "candy") so I really should just finish. Maybe after the book I'm reading now (The Winter Sea.)

  6. You might be upset then with this newest one if you are a big Eric fan! lol....you should definitely finish them up though since they are almost done.

  7. Haven't read the latest, but I really didn't like Sookie #10--it lacked a lot of the fun and humor of previous books. Brandy--is the series ending????

  8. If there's no fun and humor...what's left?! That's why I didn't read it.

  9. Yes, she announced it last year but wasn't clear on how many books. Just a week or two ago I think in Entertainment Weekly she said 2 more and that's it.

    Here I found this...

    - Sookie series will go for another 2 books, she already knows the ending and has known since book 2.
    - She has 3 sections of books on her computer for when Sookie is over and that will help her decide which direction to go in. They would be another series or stand alone.
    - She's working on a graphic novel
    - Sookie novella will finally be coming out in Sept
    - Sookie will never become a vampire (because according to Harris she loves life too much and she loves tanning. "It would be mean to take away her tanning")
    -Quinn will show up in the novella book in Sept
    -She said she's not sure about the rumor of Vin Diesel becoming Quinn in True Blood
    -She insists "lets remember that Eric and Bill are NOT real"

  10. LOL on the "lets remember that Eric and Bill are NOT real"

    And Blech! on the Vin Diesel as Quinn - I HATE him and would not enjoy him in that role at all.

  11. Hmmm...Vin Diesel. Sort of interesting. I might be on board with that. My Quinn has always been Bruce Willis from a few years back, circa Pulp Fiction.

    And actually, Quinn shows up next season, right?

  12. My Quinn has always been Dominic Purcell (Lincoln on Prison Break). I was way off with Alcide; my Alcide was Clive Owen!

  13. On a non-True Blood or Outlander note..........how is The Winter Sea? It has received fantastic Amazon ratings.