Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scotland - Monarch of the Glen - UK

You MUST go watch this video about the Land Reform Act that was passed in 2003 regarding the Scottish Highlands.  (It has nothing to do with the popular television show of the same name.)

If anyone has more info about how things have gone since the act was passed, please comment!  It's a very hard thing to research online.  Lots of legal mumbo jumbo and miles of data/info.  But what I'm looking for is this:  Is it working?  How have things changed?  For the better or worse?  An how do the (former?) estate owners feel now that it's been passed for 8 years?

**Note - You will see a quick ad before the video starts.   Thanks to Michelle for pointing that out!


  1. At first I thought you were joking with us because when the video came up it was Fabio with his Old Spice but then I realized it was just the commercial LOL

    Very interesting. I know nothing of this bill nor have I heard of it. I find it hard to comment on other countries politics.
    Good luck in your research!

  2. I just got back from backpacking around the highlands and this is my general take. Most landowners in the highlands still possess the open arm welcome onto their land, but you must also respect the land. On numerous occasions I was invited for tea and snack, that is after I asked if I could camp on their land. If you are just walking on trails that cross different peoples property... follow the rules of respecting and not disturbing any farm life etc.

    I also did not spend much time in the tourist areas, and most places I went are not over crowded with cars or RVs.

    This is my second trip backpacking in the highlands, the first was in 2004. That trip is spent more time in the "crowded" part of the highlands, and landowners were less hospitable. But that is not saying much, less hospitable in Scotland still trumps the hospitality in many parts of the states. That is my two cents.

  3. Wow DrKK - thank you SO much for the info! Glad you had a good time and I am totally jealous of you right now, too. The thought of sleeping under the stars in the Highlands is beyond my imagination...and I'm not even a camper!

    I am still fuzzy on what the land act did for the crofters. Do they actually own portions of the land? Or do they just have rights to come and go and fish, etc?

    And PS - Michelle - thanks for the info - I updated the post so people know Fabio won't last long. :)