Saturday, July 16, 2011

French and Saunders: Monarch of the Glum

SPOILER ALERT:  Do not watch unless you have watched 4 seasons of Monarch of the Glen. 

I was the BIGGEST fan of Absolutely Fabulous back in the 90s and canna love Jennifer Saunders any more than I already do.  So you can imagine how beyond hysterical I find this parody of Monarch of the Glen - complete with Alasdair Mackenzie playing Archie.  I don't know who is funnier, Molly or Duncan.  Thank you SO MUCH to Jennifer J. for posting this!


  1. Hi Carol,
    This belongs on the Bronze Horseman site, but didn't know how to post it there: check out the travel section of this Sunday's NY Times for an article about traveling in the Ukraine and old churches, etc. There are some great pictures along with the article. --Julie

  2. I agree with you Carol - this clip is absolutely hilarious!! I watched another one on Youtube with French and Saunders doing a takeoff of Mamma Mia - also very funny.

  3. Oh my goodness - SO FUNNY!!! I was laughing so hard my husband and kids came into the room to see what was going on. I'll never look at an episode the same way again!

    (Can you see my feet??)

  4. Carol,
    You are very welcome!! Oh, and I LOVED "Absolutely Fabulous"!! (still do)