Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monarch of the Glen - Take 2

OK if you have not yet watched Monarch of the might want to skip this post as there will surely be spoilers.

I am currently on Season 6 - Episode 2.

A few things...

1 - Golly is HOT.  Do not underestimate the yumminess that is the Glenbogle Guillie.  (This was inspired by one of the Staceys over at TalkSupe).  He is the closest thing on the show to Jamie Fraser when it comes to personality.  He's got a way about him - total confidence - and he knows his shizzle when it comes to the Highlands of Scotland.  When I'm finished the series I plan to Google him and see what his minty ass is up to these days.

2 - Hey Archie - exactly WHAT is up your rear end all the time?  Sheesh  - have he and Lexie EVER been affectionate?  I know she would, but he's too busy putting her down, ignoring her and generally being a bad husband to bother actually smiling or holding her hand once in a while.

3 - Ignoring the previous post, it must be said that - after all these seasons - Alastair Mackenzie is one hot piece of hotness.

4 - Molly is the best character on the show.  I love her so much.  I wish she'd come to my house and be grandmother to my kids.  I'd even get off my ass and plant that huge garden I keep threatening to design, complete with meandering path and statues of little boys peeing.

5 - Paul is another big, ol' hunk of the tasty.  

6 - Every new season, my hub and I hold our breath to see what Lexie's going to look like.  Will her hair be short or long?  Solid or striped?  Will she have lost weight?  Or perhaps had a few meat pies over the break?  And will she be sporting a belly shirt or a Jackie O suit.  One never knows with Lexie.  She keeps us all on our toes.

7 - I miss the shit out of KilWillie.  Every time and I mean EVERY time he came on the screen, my hub and I would go "Kilwillie!!!"  And did y'all know the man WROTE Gosford Park?  No really.  Julian Fellowes.  Look his adorable ass up. 

8 - I can't even talk about Hector without crying.

9 - KilWillie's sister said something SO Kilwillie in last night's episode, I nearly fell off the couch.  I like her and her Angelica Huston-esque spunkiness.  I'm so glad they've taken her from "utter beotch" to decent-enough "KilWillie in a dashing ladies pantsuit" whose mischief has been taken from a 9 to about a 4.

10 - I'm dying to give Katrina a makeover at Ouidad.  From one crazy-assed curly head to another:  Hooka, get some PRODUCT in that hair!"

Looking forward to reading all the comments after I've finished the series.  There is a season 7, isn't there?!  PS - Julia - THANK YOU, I had no idea about Season 5's special features!  I watch it on tv with Netflix and AppleTV!

Oh and Post Scriptum Scriptum:  I just tried to find some photos and saw a HUGE spoiler. Dangit!!!


  1. As usual - LOVE your observations!! I'll wait till you've watched the whole thing to make any myself. :)

  2. LOL Carol, you took the words right out of my mouth!! I've thought just about every one of these things myself - especially about Lexie's ever changing look (it looks like 6 is a moderately skinny (wide-screen TVs are cruel...) season with her hair one solid color - thank God!)

    Have you noticed that whenever someone becomes Laird they turn into a real, as you say, beotch?? Even Paul has recently gotten kind of douchy. Still, he's cutie pie, so it's OK. ;-)

    And Golly is like "older Jamie" to me. Loooooove it!

    I need to find those extra season 5 features....

  3. I just watched the Hogmanay episode on Youtube - The First Footing!! :-D

  4. Regarding point #6 - I haven't seen Season 7 yet (still waiting for it to arrive in the mail), but since you've started 6, I am a bit disappointed that our Lexie has never returned to the heights of kookiness she showed us in Season 1. I actually *like* the funky Lexie best; to me, she toned down more and more each season to the point it didn't seem like the same person. God bless Duncan for remaining the goofball we first met! :)

  5. Julia - thank you as I fear making it this far and then finding out a spoiler. I TOTALLY saw something I shouldn't have last night whilst googling. Bad Carol!

    Cari - The Lexie thing cracks us up. We literally wait for it when it comes to her and her looks. And THANKS - I didn't know I could watch the Hogmanay ep on Youtube!

    Julia - You are SO RIGHT about Lexie. I liked her from the very first ep "What's new, pussycat?!" when she had bangs and belly shirts and now she's very conservative. I figure it's because of the producers and not her decision. I have to believe she is still "out there" in real life. Look at her season 5 hair. WOW! Holy Leather Tuscadero!!!

  6. "Holy Leather Tuscadero!!!" LOLOL You crack me UP!

  7. I have to thank you for making me watch The Monarch of the Glen, I watched the last episode last weekend and - although too much changed over the seasons, especially the cast - I must say that it's one of my favourite series EVER. Thank you thank you thank you, I never would have discovered it without you.

    And yes, you are absolutely right about Golly, I melt every time he says "lass", he is sooooooooo older Jamie.