Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just want to throw a big, ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY out there to my sister and Outlander mentor, Tracey!

Whether we are 9 and 4 and you are making me sing songs you made up in the car... or 29 and 24 (wink, wink...nudge nudge) and you are mentoring me on the finer points of James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, you are a tremendous sister!

Have a wonderful, OUTLANDER-FILLED day, sassenach!!!


Tracey R. said...

Awwww...thank you so much HOOOOOOKAHHHHH!! (Couldn't resist--that True Blood ep was on the other night... ;-) )

You probably should put that "29" in quotes with lots of winkys around it--LOLOL.

Oh and LUVS the picture!

Purgatory Carol said...

LOL Keelin took one look at that picture and said "I want him back!" I have promised to buy her a new Ken doll...because Pocket Jamie STAYS! ;)

Tracey R. said...

LOL I don't if I told you this, but for whatever reason, your profile pic in the contacts of my iPhone is linked to the PJ pic--so whenever you call me, what shows up on my iPhone screen is a big ole blown-up POCKET JAMIE'S CHEST!!!! Nice, aye?

Erin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have and Outlandish time!

lesley said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Traceyyyyyyyyyyy
Happy birthday to you.

Hope your'e having a fab day and celebating later with a wee dram or two.

Angela Fielding said...

This pics is so fitting! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tracey! Have a wee bit of dram to go along! ;)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!:)

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey!!

Anonymous said...

"Là breith sona dhuibh, Tracey."

Hope today was your loveliest yet!


MarthaB said...

Have a lovely birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!


and "29" is the new black. :)

cute skirt! On both you and JAMMF

Anonymous said...

Tracey, Happy Birthday! It's mine too. Bev

Purgatory Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Bev!! Hope it's a great one!!

Tracey R. said...

Thanks for the kind wishes all--they're much appreciated! :-)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my birthday twin Bev!!!

A.W. McQueen said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! We enjoy Pocket Jamie immensely on Facebook! LOL

I hope you have many more wonderful years of your sisterhood.

I have a sister just like Tracy too. Hugs

FireCracker! said...

Happy belated Birthday! Where did you get the shirt????


Tracey R. said...

Thanks FireCracker (and all the other well-wishers)!!

So glad you asked about the shirt! See that MOP Shop button up top? Click it and you'll find your way to the My Outlander Purgatory store, where you can buy all sorts of squeeeelicious goodies. (Honeypot, anyone??)