Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monarch of the Glen - Part Deux

OK so did I mention this show is about a laird?  I am watching episode four...and the laird is sitting in his study, deciding on a matter brought to him by two crofters in his community who are having a dispute over sheep.  I kid you not (no pun intended.)

"Sassenach" and "Culloden" have both been said again in episodes 3 & 4.

AND there was a sword dance.  In a kilt.


mymacintyre said...

I have seen this at Barnes and Noble and have picked it up and put it down so many times! Now I have to go out and get it.. tomorrow...after I get my Peppermint Pattie....and my pocket Jamie.

Kathy said...

" AND there was a sword dance. In a kilt."

ok, now I defenetly need to watch this series! *.*

Jessica said...

So glad you are watching this! Cute show and it only gets better!! Love it :-)

Lee said...

Going to right now and seeing when I can get the first disk to me.