Friday, February 27, 2015

No Scotland For YOU!

Just for fun, I did some research to see what it would cost for my family (of 4) to fly to Scotland over spring break.  It's 5 weeks I wasn't expecting great fares.

But I wasn't expecting THIS:


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Outlander Official Store

Outlander buds!  Have you been to the

Outlander Official Store? 

They have all kinds of books and bags and shirts...even an HERB BOX.  It is WAY cool.

Go check it out!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Outlanderesque: Titanic Time Travel?

If you are a fan of Outlander (duh!), time travel (more duh!), and the will definitely want to read this Buzzfeed article!

Let the pondering begin!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Outlandish Companion II

October 27th, y'all!!  GET READY!!!  You can preorder now !

And if you don't already have The (original) Outlandish Companion ...what are you waiting for???  GO GET IT!!!!

 When I was a newbie Outlander fan...(or a "newb" as my Minecraft-loving 4th grader would say)...Tracey got me the original Outlandish Companion...and I canna tell you how helpful it was in remembering/calculating/studying all things Outlander!!!  BUT - alas - it only went so far...into Drums of Autumn, I believe?  So come October, you'd better BELIEVE I'll be buying #2!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

No Monday Night MOP Chat Tonight

There will be no Monday Night MOP Chat tonight in observance of the Presidents Day holiday in the United States.  Have a great week and we'll see y'all next Monday!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Night MOP CHAT!

MOP Outlander Chat Tonight - MONDAY NIGHT - at 9PM Eastern!  

Hope to see you there!!

"Everything Outlander" Retreat!

WOW!  This is SO COOL!!  Cat, over at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge in Allenspark, Colorado (outside Boulder) is a huge Outlander fan...and is running an "Everything Outlander" retreat in April, after a hugely successful retreat in 2014!

Even better news?  The retreat will be run by none other than My Outlander Purgatory friend, Susan Leidy!!!  Or, "Sooz" as we refer to her here at MOP.

Who is Sooz, you ask, and what qualifies her to run an Outlander retreat?

Well...she is Sooz of MOPPY Fame.  Andddd she is Sooz of Awesome Outlander Shirt Designs fame.  ANDDDD she is Sooz of Outlander crossword fame!

And last, but far from least, she is THE Sooz of Outlander quilt fame!!

YES...THAT Sooz!!

Sooz is one of the most knowledgable and loyal Outlander fans you'll ever I can't even IMAGINE how cool this trip is going to be!!!

What's included?  Per Cat:

- Calling of the Clans/Fans ceremony
- Herb Workshop
- Distillery tour and tasting
- Really cool crafts, 
- Games
- Book discussions
- Afternoon tea 
- Episode 11 (+unlimited viewing of all of the episodes) 
- Time period clothing demo 
- Even a hand fasting ceremony!

Check out Sunshine Mountain Lodge for more info!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Night MOP Outlander Chat

MOP Outlander Chat Tonight - MONDAY NIGHT - at 9PM Eastern!  

Tonight's topics:  Whatever YOU want to discuss...Sam and Cait's side projects...and the ever-popular guessing game regarding S1 E9.  

Hope to see you there!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Claire Has Her Own Stylist; Why Shouldn't You?

Have you ever noticed that Claire never seems to have to worry about clothes?  She stepped into the18th century and...people just...dressed her!  Mrs. Fitz was like her very own personal stylist in Outlander.  And don't get me started on how well she was dressed in Dragonfly in Amber...or even as far ahead in the series as MOBY (no spoilers shall I give!)

Ever wanted to be dressed by someone else...just like Claire...but you figure it's too expensive to have your own stylist?  Well kiss THAT thought goodBYE!  Lassies, I have discovered something new*...
Yes, I am obsessed.  This is the most exciting concept in clothing to come down the pike since Spanx.  All you do is fill out a style profile on the Stitch Fix website...and VOILA!  Your own personal stylist sends you five articles of clothing and/or accessories.
The shipping is FREE.  The returns are FREE. (And to a USPS box, no less.  SO easy.)  All they charge you is $20 for the monthly service of styling you (or only quarterly if you prefer)...and if you keep even just one article of clothing, the $20 goes toward the price!  How can you go wrong??  It's like Rachel Zoe - or Mrs. Fitz - showing up in your closet! 

I received my first shipment in January and have another scheduled for February.  Who doesn't want their own personal stylist???  Especially when it's FREE if you order one piece!  And another perk? They will credit you for referrals.  I'm telling you, sassenachs...this service is worth checking out.

Why should Claire have all the fun?!  :)

*From what I can tell, they only ship to the US...but keep checking their site.  Who knows what will happen in the future!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Night MOP Outlander Chat!

MOP Outlander Chat Tonight - MONDAY NIGHT - at 9PM Eastern!  

Tonight - along with general Outlander discussion - we will definitely be covering the following: 

1 - Do fandoms go too far? 
2 - What did you think of the first scene preview of episode 9 on Starz?! 

Hope to see you there!!