Friday, November 27, 2009

Caribbean Queen

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you have gotten to page 635 (I Meet a Priest) in VOYAGER.

I don't like when Claire is alone. Well - alone with whatever odd character du jour she's hanging with today. She's trekking around the marshes on one of the islands...  after having escaped from The Porpoise. On the one hand, I'm thinking it was a ridiculous mistake on her part - to leave a ship she knew would arrive at the correct destination; Jamaica. I mean, why didn't she just stick it out - get there - and escape once there? Then again - there is that matter of sticking it out. Um, Y-U-C-K!!!! As a parent, you deal with sick kids with gross substances coming from multiple orifices. But a ship full of wreaking slime and goo? OMG I would die. Doctor or not. Just throw me the hell overboard because I would never make it.

I miss Jamie. And I'm upset because he must be out of his mind with worry. And worse than that, he's got to be blaming himself and doubting his manhood for losing Claire AND wee Ian (who is no so wee anymore) - and that I canna handle.

I have to assume Claire is going to get on a boat and get herself to Jamaica - and maybe even find Jamie on the seas before they get there.

BUT - here is theory I came up with that would ROCK MY EVER LOVING WORLD, people. Listen up:

How cool would it be if Roger and Brianna did research - found out that Jamie got arrested upon arriving in Jamaica - and subsequently got hanged.... and got themselves to the stone circle and came over soon after Claire did - in order to save him??? How cool would it be if Jamie was on the Artemis - saw a boat approaching - and when it got close enough to see who was on board, he saw a woman with long, firey red hair... and fainted AGAIN! OK so he wouldn't have to faint again - but my GOD  it would be a cool way to get Brianna and Jamie together, no?

What are your thoughts, Sassenaches?


  1. Came across this by chance...I may be late on the bandwagon but haven't seen it on your blog thus far. Slightly obsessive, funny, cute, irresistible Outlander stuff.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Holy CRAP Holly I love it!! THANKS! I'm going to blog this. I MUST have the Jamie and Claire / Edward and Bella mug!!!!