Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Outlander Playlists

***Many of these versions can be changed: artist, acoustic, etc. 
***SPOILER ALERT: Be careful when reading descriptions!!

3/2/15 - UPDATE - The new and improved playlist and descriptions can be found here or by clicking the Playlists tab at the top of the page.


Song Scene

Scotland The Brave

After Claire goes through the stones and finds herself thrust upon a group of Clansmen

The Mummers Dance

Claire riding with Jamie, taking comfort in his kindness-and again when she’s visiting him at the stables andhaving dinner with him in the castle, etc


Claire dealing with Dougal and Colum and feeling lonely... and rrealizing how difficult it is to stay alive, let alone wait until she can get home again

Highland Wedding

Played during Claire and Jamie’s wedding

Love is a Battlefield

While Jamie and Claire are fighting after Claire’s botched escape attempt

All I Want is You

Played while Claire and Geillis are being held in the water... and Jamie rescues Claire in the same scene. Slow motion - especially when Claire sees Geillis’ small pox vaccination scar

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
(Eva Cassidy)

Claire and Jamie professing their love at the cottage after Claire stayed in the 18th century for Jamie

(Ryan Adams)

Claire standing in the doorway, looking at Jamie (who doesn’t know she’s there) contemplating how to bring him back from the depression is killing him

Running Up That Hill 
(Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush)

Claire giving Jamie the “exorcism” - pouring rain
outside - lots of thunder and lightning.

Dream On
(Kelly Sweet)

Claire lying in the hospital bed, dreaming of Jamie when they think she’s crazy after she comes back through the stones to 1946

This Woman’s Work
(Kate Bush)
We see Jamie screaming his lungs out for Claire while he’s being dragged away (in slow motion) as she is lying on the ground bleeding and going into labor. Then we see Claire delivering Faith - holding her tiny body - lying in the hospital dying - and finally being treated by Raymond.  Quick shots of Jamie in jail are also seen throughout. 

My Immortal

When Claire sees Jamie again after Faith dies

I Alone

When Jamie and Claire make love for the first time after Faith dies and Jamie tells her to promise he’s the only man she’ll ever make love to again

Snow Patrol

When Jamie send Claire running away from the cabin and back through the stones

Adagio For Strings

When Jamie is fighting the soldiers and Claire is running back through the stones

Culloden’s Harvest

The end of Dragonfly... when Claire talks to Roger and Bree about Culloden...and Roger tells Clair that Jamie didn’t die at Culloden.


On Your Shore

Claire, sitting alone on Roger’s sofa, wonderingif it’s really possible she’ll get back to Jamie

Don’t Give Up
(Peter Gabriel)

Jenny talking to Jamie in the kitchen when he comes down to the house from the cave

I Dreamed a Dream
(Susan Boyle)

Claire and Frank fighting - Jamie waking from a nightmare in jail - Frank’s body being wheeled into the hospital

Amazing Grace
(Susan Boyle)

Claire and Bree standing in the cemetary at Frank’s burial - Jamie being “saved” and walking toward
Helwater with his meagerbag of “belongings” 

Why Does it Always Rain
on Me?  (Travis)

Jamie working at Helwater and being blackmailed by Geneva

(Leonard Cohen)

Claire walking into the print shop - seeing Jamie - Jamie seeing her - Jamie fainting - Claire and Jamie crying together on the floor

My Sweet Lady
(John Denver)

Claire and Jamie making love for the first time in 20 years

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Claire and Jamie lying in bed , rediscovering each other
Make Me Smile (ComeUp and See Me)Cockney Rebels andSteve HarleyRoger to Bree
Deciphering Me
Brooke Fraser
Bree to Roger
I Would Walk 500 Miles (The Proclaimers)Jamie to Claire... and Roger to Bree (at the 20th century Scottish Festival) I see something cute, like the men doting on the women simultaneously while in separate centuries
Into the Mystic
(Van Morrison)
Jamie and Claire on the boat, headed to River Run
In a Big Country
(Big Country)
Jamie (Totally gratuitous shirtless scene - working outside on the Ridge... C’mon... Humor me)
The Sweetest Thing
(Juice Newton)
Claire waking at dawn and watching Jamie sleep
(Kenny Loggins)
Jamie and Claire  at the fence at night
Why Should I Cry For
You?  (Sting)
Roger deciding whether to stay in the 18th century
The Rouges of Scotland
(Celtic Bagpipes)

"Hurt" by Christina Aquilera. This song makes me think of Jamie, digging Beardsley's grave and thinking about his father... but it also makes me think about Jenny, thinking of Jamie and writing him the letter after finally forgiving him for allowing Ian to become a Mohawk. Ugh. So poignant.

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"  - Jamie telling Claire that even death will never part them.
"Run" - This song just makes me think of Jamie and Claire knowing they might part.. and feeling the impending doom regarding their possible death by fire at the Big House.


  1. I think you need something from 1968 in here. Beatles-y. Like maybe "In My Life"? When did that come out?

  2. Doesna matter when it came out, Sassenach. If I feel it; I'll add it. Thanks for the tip. Now run along, Lassie, and fetch me some bread and cheese.

  3. Oh, well now, I'll be sure to be brave enough to suggest additions to ye playlist now, ye wee bloody wench, after bein raked over the hot coals fer it. Mmmphm.

  4. Nono! I was doing the opposite! I was saying it doesna matter when it came out - 1968, 2008... it's all good! So I totally would add something like that! Keep 'em coming, Lass!

  5. Great playlist, I particularly love My Immortal, All I Want is You, On Your Shore, Running Up That Hill.

    God, I love that Jamie and Claire!

    Keep reading! :)

  6. LOL Sassy - you sound like Tracey (my sister and mentor) she always says "Just keep reading!!" :)

  7. OOOh - I love this. I had a Jamie and Claire playlist while I read the books. Some of my faves are Your Guardian Angel (Outlander), by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Winter Song (Snow and Ahses), by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson; Wild Horses (Voyager), by The Sundays and Hector the Hero, by The McKassons. I could go on and on...

  8. Squeee Texbelle - I love your Forks avatar! Thanks for the suggestions... I'll check 'em out!

  9. I love Kate Bush and the Proclaimers. I haven't listened to either in a long time. Great reminder, I have to dig out that old Proclaimers cd.

  10. I don't think I've ever listened to the whole CD; just that song!!!

  11. hi carol
    the playlist is great.
    got me thinking about making one.
    i,d never heard "the mummers dance" before so i checked it out. wow what a beautiful song,i got goosebumps listening to it. i can see why you chose it for those scenes.

  12. Thanks Lesley! You should make one! It's so easy on Playlist.com. The only problem is they sometimes don't have the version of a song I want (thus why I may have Willie Nelson's version of "Don't Give Up" instead of Peter Gabriel's!

    I love love love The Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt. I should really put some more of her stuff on the playlists; thanks for making me realize this. It was also used in another of my favorite movies - "Ever After" with Dougray Scott and Drew Barrymore. Just a perfect song for the Scots and this time period (give or take a century LOL. Every time I hear it, I think of the woods.. and gatherings with drink and dancing around bonfires. Another book/movie it would be great for is "The Pillars of the Earth".

  13. Hey Carol - I love the music. I was wondering if you have heard of a song called Flying High by Jem. I think of Jamie & Claire when I hear it. You may already have it...but I have to be careful w/your spoilers so I haven't looked past Voyager) The words seem appropriate for their "reuniting" - maybe the 1st time after she comes back??

  14. hi carol
    check this out, for voyager. i see this playing while jamie is in the cave alone. i heard the original by simon and garfunkel yesterday which i hadn,t heard for a while and thought that would be good for the scene but then i found this version which is fantastic, and very appropriate with the monks.
    see what you think



  15. Oooh Lesley that is neat. You know what would be cool? If they played the S&G version while showing Bree and Roger (which would be perfect; it was released in 1966)... and then switched over to Jamie in the cave and the song would switch over to the Gregorian Chant version. Thanks!

  16. Hey Holly - wow I've never heard this. It's good. You know what scene I TOTALLY see when I hear this? Bree and Roger when Bree is staying at the manse and is in the hallway with her towel on. Thanks for the tip!

  17. hi carol, i love your idea re the 2 versions of "sound of silence." got me thinking, how bout this for outlander?
    the end of the fight between j and c after the escape, so this would follow "love is a battlefield", when j leans against the tree and tells claire "she,s tearing his guts out" (can,t quite remember the words) "with or without you" by u2, i can imagine thats how j is feeling at that moment.
    -then later at the abbey when j is telling c he wants her to leave him as he canna be her husband any longer, this version


    it,s them gregorian monks again.

  18. Ooooh Lesley - more U2. Tremendous. Love me some U2 for anything Outlander-related. I'll go listen to the Gregorian chant! Gotta love the monks! PS - Wow - thanks for the mention of that scene. I have to go read it again. Havena read that one in a while. SO good.

  19. hi carol
    what do you think of this ?


    i see it for voyager when jamie escapes from airdsmuir to go to the silkies isle in search of the gold. a powerful tune for a powerful scene.

    also this one

    i can,t think where to place it yet though !!!
    lesley :-)

  20. Your playlist rocks! You are officially the coolest Outlander fangirl in town!

  21. T.Y. - YOU rock. You just made me feel a lot better. I was bumming about this whole Outlander the Musical business... because I'm just not a "musical" gal in the Broadway sense... so it's nice to be reminded that I have my own playlists to listen to that will conjure up images of Jamie and Claire. :) I'm glad you like them, too.

  22. Heard a song new to me - just out by Dierks Bentley. How about "Up on the Ridge" for Drums of Autumn when Claire and Jamie lived up the North Carolina mountains (my second home and love)!

  23. So I am super late to the party, but I just heard of you ladies today when I was listening to Mary and Blake (also super late to THEIR party even though I started Outlander between S2-3) and I have always thought THIS song is perfect for Claire when she has returned to the 1940s after Culloden and missing Jamie....

    Anberlin - The Haunting