Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wee Gifties for Jamie Fraser

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you're gotten to Chapter 19 on VOYAGER.

At this point, we don't know if Claire is going back... but we're pretty damn sure she is. So - I have a question. If you were Claire, what small 20th century items would you bring to Jamie in the 18th century? Obviously nothing too big...or too heavy... and nothing too perishable.

I would bring:

- My favorite candy
- A current day Scottish newspaper (after editing its contents so as not to freak him out.)
- Photos of current day Scotland (again - nothing that will freak him out.)
- Packets of seeds for fruits and vegetables they don't yet grow in Scotland
- A Hostess Twinkie. Kidding - but we all know it would last for years...

Send in some comments; I'd love to hear them!


  1. I. Love. This. Post.

    That is all....

  2. Y'know what I would miss? Music. I'd really want to bring an iPod--maybe a solar powered one, but they'd burn me at the stake as a witch if they ever found it on my person...

  3. And you wouldn't have any way to charge. Although knowing Apple, there will be a solar one before the end of the year. ;)

  4. Funny - now that I'm almost finished Voyager, I guess the Penicillin pellets were a good idea. But who knew she could bring little pellets and mix 'em with water? How convenient!

  5. I would bring Penicillin cuz we ALL know how often Jamie seems to need them, a picture of John Wayne (so Jamie could see who he was), A book with pictures on the solar system, pictures of the fam. and I dont know what else.

  6. Roberta L.: SOOOOOO heart the John Wayne reference!! :-)

  7. If I were Claire, besides the pictures of Brianna, I would have brought along a lock of her hair-the hair that is so much the color of her father's. I would like to give Jamie something tangible-something real that he could touch of his daughter's.

  8. I have thought about this a lot (I am reading the series for the third time). My UGGS- there is always use for a good pair of shoes. And a Swiss-army knife. And the schematic for a foot-treadle sewing machine. There was a lot of sewing needed back then.

  9. I've often thought that tubes and tubes of toothpaste would be great. And waxed floss. Oh and I guess it wouldn't hurt to bring brand-spankin' new toothbrushes--for myself and Himself...

  10. Pictures of Brianna, that he lost in the ocean!!

  11. Guys, I'm re-reading the book and I realized something that we all most certainly ignore when reading Voyager for the first time.

    SPOILER ALERT (I don't remember if just to the end of Voyager or to Drums as well)

    Remember when Claire goes to Joe before making her decision, that before they can talk some guy brings Joe a skeleton? Well, that is FRIGGIN GEILLIS DUNCAN!
    I rushed here to ser if anyone had ever said something about this, and I even didn't know where to write the comment or if someone os rever going to read this but ok, deep breath.
    When examining it, Joe says it's a "pretty lady un her mid-fifties, white", and the man tells him that they thought she was black because they found ver in a cave surrounded by *something* that made them think she was a sacrifice or something like that.
    And then Claire says she felt like she didn't want to die, that she had been murdered... Duh, YOU split her head in half like a melon with an axe, girlfriend!
    And then Joe puts the bones in order like they're just puzzle pieces and says "wow, looks like someone tried to Near-headless-Nick her" and BAM! (well, something like that) (yes, Harry Potter reference there, sorry).
    Aaaaaaaaand I rest muy case.

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    2. Yep - I came up with that, too. Totes agree with ya!

  12. I thought about this. I'd bring a book with trains, airplanes, cars. They discussed planes on the way to Lallybroch. Seeds, needles. I'm with the other lady-sewing machine schematics or a hand crank machine.