Wednesday, November 18, 2009


SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT read unless you have gotten at least 4 pages into Chapter 24 in Voyager.

OK so when your sister says, "When you get to a certain part - and you'll know you're there when you see it - make sure there are no kids or husbands or distractions around while you're reading"... um, DO AS SHE SAYS!!!  So I'm there... in the SCHOOL PARKING LOT...with my coffee and my Lifescapes Scottish Moors CD... and my son (Ian) is happy in the back seat with Alvin and the Chipmunks playing on the DVD player.... and Claire walks up to the stones and sees Bree. And I start losing my shizzle. And then Claire walks through the stones... and Shannon (who is currently reading Dragonfly in Amber) knocks on my car window... and I'm in tears. And I'm all "no worries... it's all good!" and I'm dying inside.

Now right then and there I should have known to SHUT THE DAMN BOOK. But noooooo. I just "have to know". All my life... I've "had to know". So - I keep reading... and what happens, but Claire walks into the printer... and sweet as you please... THERE'S JAMIE. No pomp. No circumstance. Just Jamie Jamie and more MFing Jamie. And my life is complete. Except for one thing. I can't weep for joy, because every mother in the parking lot would see me and come running over to see if I'm OK. And then Jenn M (who is only about 30 pages behind me) knocks on the window and I have to give the best poker face I've ever given and say "ohh Jenn. ohhhhhhh Jenn" and that's all I can get out of m'damn mouth.

Honestly, guys.... it was surreal. So... let's just say that I've learned my lesson. As soon as Claire whipped out the Bree photos I said "K....I'm done! Not reading again until tonight!" Let's just say I'll have a few hours to myself....and it will be magic. Sheer... unadulterated.... James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser MOTHERFREAKIN MAGIC!!!!!!!!

le sigh....


  1. Don't want to spoil it for others, but I absolutely LOVE what Jamie does right after he sees Claire. :D

    I feel your pain, I can totally picture your scenario. :/

  2. Hi Sassynach! Welcome! I'm thrilled to have more people joining the discussion! PS - just finished Voyager - so I'll be blogging later today. And I loved what he did when he saw Claire. Swoon... :)

  3. That whole scene, from the bottom of the left-hand page of where it starts, right to the end of the next chapter, is my favorite part of the entire series thus far (just finished Drums last night). SO AMAZING.

  4. I BAWLED MY FRIGGING EYES OUT when I read that. You are NOT the only one. The only other time I bawled so much was when Jamie making Claire leave him. My heart was ripped out then and put back here. My parents were just watching me laughing their arses off. All I could say was "WHAT! I have my Jamie back." Doesn't it feel like that though? That you have him back. I love first person love stories. You sink so much into them it feels like you are the main character while you are reading.

  5. Okay, so I'm listening to the audio version of Voyager (I've already read it). Until this point, I'd only been moved to tears by the scene where Jamie forces Claire to leave him at the end of Dragonfly. *sob*

    So there I am, innocently driving down the interstate, listening to the wonderful Davina Porter doing a GREAT job with Jamie's accent, and we get to the part where Claire shows him the pictures. And he loses it. And then I proceed to lose it...WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE INTERSTATE! I was literally telling myself out loud, "keep it together! keep it together! there is nowhere to pull off safely for at least a mile! KEEP IT TOGETHER!"

    If DG only knew what she does to us...

  6. omg I am LMFAO You ladies rule!!! I only just found Outlander*(I know I've been stuck in a tree) Read DIA and Voyager. I'm looking for my own Jamie- I hope there is one left!!

  7. Judes1, I've been looking for my own Jamie for over 50 years....I don't think he exists in this era...

    More's the pity.

    You know what's odd....I sort of love Lord John Grey as well. Even though he's psychologically "out of reach" so to speak, I love his lordly ways...

  8. I loved this part - so simple and perfect - DG knows how to hit the spot perfectly in her writing. Lucky you to have such a team to discuss and talk about the books with - verra lonely here in my circle in Oz, glad to be able to read your blog, even if it is years ago (sort of like time travelling)

    1. I feel your pain--It's very lonely here in Norway as well. I know of no one who is reading this series. Fortunately though, we have this fantastic blog. Better late than never, no? Leanna

    2. Jane, I am super super late to the blog (been an Outlander watcher/reader since between S2-3) and also in Oz!