Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jamie -1, Claire - 0

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you have read up to page 706 in VOYAGER.

Dear Claire, 
Why oh why do you insist on covering for Laoghbitch and her evil spawn, Marsali? (OK actually I kindof like Marsali but whatevs.) First you go through no less than three - count 'em - THREE novels without telling Jamie L'oaghaire sent you to Geillis' house to be hung by the masses. (Well - I'm not finished Voyager so maybe you'll surprise me and tell him by the end?) And now Marsali leaves the cargo hold - which causes you to run after her, fight with the "obese" pirate, and almost get yourself killed in the process. And when Jamie chastises you for it, you say NOTHING to defend yourself. What up wit dat? 

Please remedy this situation directly. 
Carol, your ever-loving servant in Jamie worship. 

PS - I thought it was mean when Jamie said this to you:

"Ye know, I seldom wanted to go home to Laoghaire.... and yet, at least when I did, I'd find her where I'd left her." 

Well - LA DEE DA, Jamie. Aren't you just a ray of motherfrickin sunshine? How's about you shut the ^%$# up and get me some Penicillin,  mmmmkayyyyy?


  1. I think you will be happier with Jamie shortly. Just sayin. And BTW, one of the best "small moments" in the series thus far is coming up verra shortly, lassie!

  2. le sigh... I am smitten with Jamie. Always. COMMA HOWEVER - I'm still annoyed with that comment. I'm also annoyed every time Claire mentions Frank. WHO CARES, CLAIRE? You need a big ol' cup o' shut the %$#@ up, too!!!

  3. I totally agree 100% Carol!!! Why oh why Claire didn't pipe up that his step daughter took off and would have been dead or worse if Claire didn't save her butt is beyond me-especially after that Leg hairie comment....

  4. I JUST finished Voyager and I love your blog! You guys rock:)
    The fact that she hasn't said anytihng about Laoghaire setting her up for the witch hunt drives me crazy too!
    I'm almost not looking forward to finishing book 7 (Yes - I'm only starting book 4 tomorrow) as I'll have to wait for book 8 with everyone else!
    Sooo Goood!

  5. Loopy YOU rock. Welcome to the blog! Be super careful with spoilers. I tried to let everyone know exactly where I was at the beginning of each post because I'm a FREAK about spoilers. :) When you're finished the series, we have a chat on Monday nights (unless you don't care about spoilers, in which case, come on by before you're finished!)

    Laoghaire will always be a beotch and that's all I'll say... for now. ;)

    The waiting (for book 8) is tough but there is a ton to keep us busy for now. Do you know about The Exile - the graphic novel that's coming out in September? It's going to be awesome - and you can read that! It's about Outlander, so you're in the clear!

  6. I'm super excited about Exile. I'm just about 1/2 through The Fiery Cross right now and love that you put the spoiler alerts on your posts so I know when I can read them:)

  7. I recently found the Outlander series and your site. I am loving the reviews/comments after different sections. These have become my all-time favorite books and I enjoy seeing what your reaction was to the section I just read. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Jules! Welcome and thanks for posting! I'm glad you like the blog. We have Outlander chat on Monday nights at 9PM Eastern come hang with us if you're free! :)