Sunday, November 1, 2009

I couldna help it, Sassenach

I was happy waxing on about the Twilight series... and then my sister Tracey made me read "Outlander". Saying she "made" me read it is an understatement. She practically sat on my chest like Claire sat on Jamie's when she first met him and was addressing his wounds. And believe me, I would have been wounded had I not read the book. So I gave in and read it... and now I am OBSESSED. And it's all Tracey's fault. So - just like Twilight - I am going to blog as I read. I am currently reading "Dragonfly in Amber". And - as many of you - I have been scratching my head since page one. Oh - and crying. There has been lots and lots of crying early on in the book. But I got over it - and now I'm just enjoying Jamie and Claire...


  1. I read the Twilight books this spring and loved 'em...and then was "made" to read the Outlander series as well starting in May 2009...and couldn't stop. I love the Outlander series, probably more than anything else I've ever read. I'm going into withdrawals, I believe. :)

    Just found your blog, will be perusing!

  2. Just seeing this post now, Sassy! It's the end of January! I can't keep up! :)