Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Great Outlander Chat

Thanks to everyone who participated in last night's Outlander chat!  And a warm welcome to two MALE participants from last night... Richard... and Charles. We hope you come back again next week!


  1. OMG! I just woke up and had a horrible thought and had to write it down. (I'm still sleepy, ken) You dinna think Diana will be crazy enough to make Claire prego from LJ do you???

  2. Re: Claire being pregnant: Doubt it. At this point, she's 62 and has been having hot flashes (I love that she calls them "flushes") since Fiery Cross. I suppose it's theoretically possible (maybe more likely because of her time travel capability? hmmm...) but I'm gonna guess she's done birthing babies....

  3. You can count on me to be back Carol.. I had a blast.. and who can pass up such a ratio of gals to guys as Outlander Chat...lol

  4. I think so too... but OMG could you imagine?? I would be seriously irritated,and it wouldn't be believable. In Fiery she saw Jamie's spunk in the microscope, it was very alive. If his seed hasna stuck yet, then I hardly believe she can have them anymore. Was a half sleepy thought. Am I the only one who wakes up in a panic over a random J&C possibilities?

  5. Jessica--I once had a Outlander-related panic attack outside Penn Station in NY--I had just read the abduction/aftermath in ABOSAA, and I was walking back from a meeting to take the train home, and all of a sudden everything that had happened to Claire HIT me. I swear I had trouble breathing--LOL.

  6. All day at work I was walking around with a silly grin on my face, sometimes just bursting into random laughter. How to tell the people giving me strange looks that I just can't get the image of 'Pocket Lamaze Fergus' out of my head?!

  7. Jessica,

    I wouldn't worry about that because I don't think Diana would go there (making a 62 year old Claire pregnant, I mean). It would be a "jump the shark" event and there is really no need since there is so much other stuff to write about.


    The abduction/aftermath section/chapter was the single most powerful story line in the entire series (for me). It was so good. I can almost hear the drums beating now!

  8. Sally: it's definitely top 3 for me, along with Jamie's rape/aftermath and the reunion.

  9. oooohhh the abduction scene when Jamie says, she has an oath upon her - I kill for her. Gave me chills.

  10. My 89 year old aunt Helen called after finishing Dragonfly in Amber, she had a lot to say. (I took notes)

    1. I would have called you earlier in the week but was too busy reading the book to take the time.

    2. I was good how she (DG) made it so Frank is not the descendant of BJR.

    3.I am so glad they cut Sandringham's head off. He shouldn't have been sneaking around trying to hurt Claire.

    4. The part that made me really sad was when Furgus wanted Jamie to kill him for not protecting Claire from the attack.

    5.I have been letting my housework go all week cuz I don't have time to do it.

    6. I like the way the story changes from Claire telling us the story to it being told in 3rd person. (I do too)

    7. I went ahead and started Voyager cuz I couldn't wait until after I called you.

    8. I was sorry Jamie had to kill Dugal, but Dugal was a fanatic by then and couldn't be reasoned with.

    9. (I asked her what she thought of Roger.) She said she REALLY likes Roger - but not quite as much as Jamie. quote "I'm a big fan of Jamie Fraser."

    10. She (DG) must really plan ahead and have detailed outlines to keep everything straight and weave the story lines like she does.

    11. I really liked the nun at the hospital, but I loved her dog. (Aunt Helen has always loved her dogs)

    12.It is funny who we make into heros, Bonnie Prince Charlie was a disaster yet he is made out to be a hero. (Then she went on about Hitler and a woman she knew who had admired him)

    13. Can you imagine the smell! I read about King Louie and remember he only took a bath once a year. If the weather was bad he would skip that year, (she was feeling sorry for Clair having to boink him) No wonder they had to invent so may perfumes in France.

    14. Then Aunt Helen talked about a trip we took to Scotland and said she was so disappointed that we didn't see any men running around in kilts cuz she would have liked that.

    15. She remembered a large painting we saw in one of castles we visited of a large man in a kilt. She said she thinks Jamie probably looked like that.

    16. I swear she said, "You know, those men don't wear anything under their kilts." OMG

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  12. I canna wait until L's aunt hits the reunion in Voyager!!!! That is going to be comments galore!

  13. I.

    PS - PLF aka "Pocket Lamaze Fergus". It CAN be so and it WILL be so!

  14. 1) Pocket Lamaze Fergus - omg!!! Now I can't wipe this silly grin off my face!

    2) Two of my friends are bodhran (drum) players, a Scot and an Irishman. OMG!! The Claire rescue scene when she hears the drums surrounding the kidnappers....ooh, chills that just don't stop!!!

    3) I, too love when Jamie says "she has an oath upon her; I do the killing for her" and the IAN says "As do I." Pick me up off the floor!

  15. L,
    Your Aunt Helen rocks! Loved the comments. Please share her thought of Voyager when she gets there!


  16. Thanks Sally,
    I am sure she will call in about a week :)