Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Transitional Period

Not much posting going on around here the past few days because I have been diligently trying to create a new and improved blog design that will be fantastico. 


I just had to make mention of the interesting debate Tracey and I had the other day. (When are they ever NOT interesting when Jamie Fraser is involved?)

I finished listening to Outlander on audio last week... and can't get something out of my mind. All throughout the third sister's hilarity - and my design efforts of the weekend - I have been bothered by Jamie telling Murtagh to tell Claire that he wanted her to leave.

He told MURTAGH to give her such delicate news? That was a low point for Jamie. And please don't say "Carol he was just kidnapped, raped and almost hanged, of COURSE it was a low point." I get all of that. But to tell Claire to go back to where she came from was bad enough. To do it through MURTAGH - or ANYONE else for that matter... ugh. Just...not what I've come to expect from James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

One thing I kept telling Tracey was that I was so thoroughly impressed by Claire's non-wavering attitude about the whole thing. Never once did she crumble... or question Jamie's love for her... or think to herself "oh god! He wants me to leave?? Seriously?! But I thought he loved me! Can we not get past this? Does he not love me anymore? And how the hell would I get back at this point? Oh my GOD HE WANTS ME TO LEAVE!!" as I would have absolutely done - don't even doubt it for a minute. I would have flipped out in my head and rocked back and forth while sucking my thumb under a pew in the church at 2AM while watching the host on the alter. But not Claire. She's just all "Yeah - right - whatever, Jamie... I'll be back later and we'll see about that fever now shall we, hmmm? OK...Righty O...that's it... you rest now...kthxbye!"

Seriously. Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser is one bad-ass-mo-fo. If I could, I'd buy her a wallet like Jules' in Pulp Fiction. (That little comment is for Tracey because she loves herself some Pulp Fiction.)

PS - Y'all. It's time for a video, is it not? I'm thinking Tracey and I must Skype....STAT!


  1. Jamie Fraser is one. tasty. burger.

    1. Tracey, What red wine were you drinking on the 3rd episode season 3

  2. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

    Then Jamie blows BJR away. :-)

  3. "And you will know my name is the LAIRD". ;)

  4. Wasn't Jamie out of his mind with fever and thinking he would die. He probably wanted her to go back so she wouldn't be alone knowing that Culloden was coming and she would be safe in her own time.

  5. Outstanding Blog page! it looks great.

    Ramblings: At this point in the book Jamie has been thru so much resulting in great shame and the loss, in his mind, of his manhood. (Let us not forget the physical and mental torture designed to break a man.) In his world manhood is very connected to honor.

    Jamie's honor wouldn't let him break BJR's neck when he had a chance in the dungeon, but let him endure that torture to save Clair. Without his honor he was unable to face Claire at the abby.

    Jamie was shattered and broken man at this point. A man like him, at this age, would not cope with such trauma. I think the older Jamie would have handled it better.

    In her own way Claire is just as big a hero as Jamie.

    Post Scriptum: BJR really did not live up to his end of the bargain cuz he dumped Clair out in the middle of a wolf pack that no doubt he was aware of.

  6. Sanderson - great point - but that's my point - why wouldn't he tell her that himself? He knew she'd say "no" to Murtagh. And he said he knew he'd have to talk to her... but still. I just think he should have told her himself from the get go.

    L - thanks! I'm still working on it but I like this one best so far.

    GREAT POINT about Older Jamie dealing better. I bet you're right. And I know - the whole thing with Randall and the wolves.. ugh. I assumed during my first read that he knew they'd be there. During my second (listen, actually) I wasn't so sure. The mind plays tricks, it does.

  7. Re: Wolves--I think he just wanted her gone. Not sure BJR thought about the possibility of wolves one way or the other. Remember what Jamie said--"he will let you go b/c he thinks you are helpless." BJR probably thought she wouldn't make it far from the prison for WHATEVER reason....

  8. Tracey you are stuttering :)

  9. I think Jamie didn't want to see Claire and went through Murtagh because it was his head fighting his heart. His head was afraid he would associate her with BJR and his head was afraid he wouldn't be a proper husband anymore. His heart said that if he saw Claire again he wouldn't let her go. (I just listened to that scene right after he takes Claire to the stones, and tells her the hardest thing he ever did was let her go. I melted, and it wasn't just because its 110 outside.) His head told him that he had to do the honorable thing, and if he couldn't talk to her himself, he would send Murtagh. Then Jamie could know he did right, even if he couldn't bear to do it himself.

  10. L: how did you manage NOT to stutter??? Looks like there's an attack of it on here! :-)

  11. Now I am wondering what kind of a little chat Jamie and Murtagh had when Jamie says to Murtagh, "I am all fubar I need you to take Claire to the standing Stones." Did Murtagh say, "OK, BTW I never told you she was a witch or a faerie cuz I saw ... blah, blah." Maybe if there is a GN 2 we will see that conversation.

  12. RIGHT L! RIGHT! Jamie says he told Murtagh to take Claire back to where she came from - or something to that effect. So NOW that we've seen the GN excerpt - I am hoping upon hope that Murtagh fessed up to Jamie and gave him the goods on what he saw! PS - LAUGHED MY REAR OFF at "I'm all FUBAR" - hilarious.

    PS - Stephanie - you're killing me - that Dragonfly scene is the most emotional to me (which I just put on the Outlander Book Club page on Facebook.) SO true!!!

  13. Tracey, your burger comment is cracking me up.

    "That IS a tasty burger...can I have some of your drink to WASH IT DOWN?!?"

    I'm SURE I didn't quote that exactly right, but my husband and I love that part...hubby especially likes the WASH IT DOWN part because Samuel L does some hand gesture with it or sumpin'. ;)

    But, now that you mention it, Jamie IS a tasty burger.

    As for the topic...I think Jamie was being a stubborn martyr or something. And yes, Claire is a bad-ass-mo-fo...I LOVE how she handled it and didn't seem to bat an eye at the ridiculousness (is that a word?!?!?) of it. Oh Jamie *eyeroll* ;)

  14. ROFLMAO Sassy--my hubby does the SAME "wash it down!" line!!! I think he just likes the phrasing: "to.....washitDOWN." HAHAHA.

    BTW, Samuel L. Jackson has ALWAYS been my Joe Abernathy, from the first word he ever uttered. :-)

  15. Hmmm...Samuel L as Joe Abernathy. Hmmm. I'd have to picture him as a nicer, cooler character like Mace Windu vs the Pulp Fiction one. ;)

  16. In DIA, BJR is surprised to see Claire and comments that when you throw someone out where there are usually wolves, then you don't expect to see them again.

  17. From the minute I stared watching the Outlander series I knew I was hooked. I couldn't get enough. In Canada, the feed of the show I get is a week behind - so after watching episode seven, I went online to search for clips or comments on the upcoming episode and I had the good fortune of finding your MOB youtube videos. I felt like I was in my living room having a conversation with my good friends - talking about our favourite show!
    As I heard you talking about the books, I knew the only way I would get through the next six months was to starting reading. Thank goodness you both mentioned that the first few chapters would be hard to get through and to stick with it. I laughed, cried and fell in love with characters and the world Diana Gabaldon created.
    I'm so happy with the way the Outlander book has been adapted for TV. I was happy and surprised to find many of the best lines we taken word for word from the book: "I'll thank you to take your hands of my wife".
    Being someone that started watching the show before reading the books, I find myself not having any sympathy for Frank. I think it's due to the fact I am having a hard time separating Frank and Black Jack. I don't know if it because Tobias Menzies is playing both characters or just the fact that Frank is a Randall - I find Frank to be cold. I think I might hate him - I'm going try to keep an open mind.
    I'm half way through "Dragonfly in Amber" and I'M LOVING IT! I'm looking forward to reading your notes on that book too.

  18. So this is a very old post, but 1. I love your blog and videos so I wanted to say hello to the lovely lasses of MOP, and 2. I have to just say that I love what Tina wrote above re: Frank "I think I might hate him." I quite literally laughed out loud, and I TOTALLY agree!