Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heid Ruadh?

SO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL!  (Click "Gaelic Dictionary" once you get to the site.) Stumbled upon this while searching for a way to say "Redhead". Heid Ruadh?

OK it's weird that my husband just found a movie entitled Red Headed Stranger on TV right now while I'm typing this. Hmmm.....

So what brought on this need to blog about redheads? (Giggle, as if you have to ask.) Well - actually - I was just watching the finale of The Pillars of the Earth.. and was loving the whole red-headed theme... which I didn't think anything of when I read the book... but after reading Outlander... well... you know.

And THANK YOU to Lisa, Deirdre and Laithia for letting me know that Jack Jackson's father was played by Pinter Tibor! He is very Jamie-esque: red hair - long, straight nose - 6'3" - huge shoulders - very blue eyes. Is he the perfect Jamie? No. I'm not sure he even speaks English. But wow - it was fun to watch him and his red hair and huge shoulders in Pillars. That's as close to watching Jamie on the big screen as I fear I'm ever going to get.


  1. Hey, I'm all for the idea of blogging about redheads! *vbg* But I don't think either of these two are quite the right shade of red for Jamie. He's more auburn than carrot-colored, I think. But yes, I think Pinter Tabor's got Jamie's nose, at the very least. :-)

    Thanks for the link to the Gaelic dictionary! That looks like a great resource.


  2. Wow, he is something else, isn't he? I do not like the pictures of him posing Hollywood style. But goodness, when his face is open and moving and with the size of him, well.....The thing with Jamie isn't totally about his facial looks. It's his total presence. This guy is good. I think he's Hungarian?

  3. You may have to see him in action on The Pillars of the Earth in order to see his Jamie-ness. LOL! I'll see if I can find a youtube clip.

  4. After looking at some of his pics on the Internet, I definitely think he could play Jamie. Works for me.

  5. This is SO funny! thats exactly what i thought when i saw him on pillars o.t.e. last night: "OMG! thats the perfect jamie!!!";) ihad to find out who this is! although, i also dont like any of the pictures that i found online until now.. dont know if his smile is sexy enough ;)

    1. Only problem...he's too old! :( BUT - he'd be a perfect Voyager and beyond Jamie, no?! :)