Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blame Diana

Just heard "Way Down Now" by World Party on my iPod... and thought of how I'm feeling in this state of PURGATORY while I wait for the next Outlander novel. And I had to laugh. We're all in the same boat, sassenachs. That's what makes it bearable; I know I'm not alone.

Blame Diana; I do. ;)

She took us by the hand
Hell was the promised land 
I'm way down now
I'm way down now

I'm lying by the road
Because she cut off all my clothes
I'm way down now
Way down now

Won't you show me something true today?
C'mon and show me anything but this...

Inside my future eye
What I see just makes me cry
I'm way down now
I'm way down now

The clocks will all run backwards
All the sheep will have two heads
And Thursday night and Friday
Will be on Tuesday night instead

And I know I'm not alone...

And I know I'm not alone...

And I know I'm not alone!

Anything but this...


  1. Very appropriate. I've just entered the Outlander purgatory - having finished Echo a few days ago. I'm so grateful for my dear reading buddies and fellow Outlander/Jamie fangirls; we will muddle through this somehow. :)

  2. Lindy we are all in this together! Don't you worry, girlfriend! :)