Friday, August 27, 2010

It's VIDEO time!

OK lads and lassies... Tracey and I are making a video this evening (and should have posted this days ago).

Got anything you want us to discuss?

Let's hear it!


  1. Will Tracey wear the bracelet? I'm collecting charms so I can make my own version.
    Will you reread Dragonfly and blog about it?

  2. Uuuh I'm reading Voyager at the moment... for the.. dozens time??
    I'd love to hear you two discuss the reunion of Jamie and Claire! It was such an emotional scene!

  3. Disscuss if and how the books have changed your life.

  4. Is there an outlander 2011 calender out there anywhere? I still have questions about the Percy connection. Didn't he marry into the Beauchamp family or is he a Beauchamp and somehow connected to Claire? Or is it Fergus that is a Beauchamp and related to Claire? Fergus is a Beauchamp thru his father right? Don't know if I spelled Beauchamp right.

  5. Yes.. talk about myself and Charles and how brave we are to be men and proudly reading the books and being a part of the I kid

  6. What do you think happened to Jerry Mackenzie? Will Roger and Bree be meeting him?

    Where will the story go for William and Jamie?