Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outlander Casting: Eddie Redmayne

OK because I am such a huge fan of The Pillars of the Earth (squee - two hour finale on Friday!) I have recently become absolutely captivated by Eddie Redmayne who plays Jack Jackson.  He's fantastic.  I think he's absolutely beautiful. He's so soulful... and can easily do strong - and vulnerable - at the same time.  He was on Broadway in a show called Red, for which he won a Tony.. and it closed in June which is SUCH a bummer. I live in NJ and could have easily gone to see him in this show. I canna say enough about him, sassenachs; I think he's an exceptional actor.

Soooooo.... here's the deal. I want him in Outlander. He FITS in Outlander. Somewhere. I just don't know where.  Any suggestions??


  1. Hmmm...well, it's not in the actual Outlander book, but I wonder if he's a William??

  2. OMG!!! I was just thinking about this last night!!! Eddie IS William!! The only thing is that he doesn't have the cat eyes and William isn't a red-head right?

    Besides that he can only be a young Jamie. Long nose, wide mouth... I love him. He is absolutely captivating. I can't look at anything else when he onscreen.

  3. I was hoping you would post something about The Pillars of The Earth!!!

    So after reading about your love for it and hearing awesome things from other people I found the series last night on on demand and OHMYGOD carol, its AMAZING!!! I loooooove it! I'm only on episode 5soon to be on 6 and its just starting to get good!! I'm so freaking mad that tom builder dies!! dude he was like the best dude ever!!! and I know, jack is so fine. I was thinking that he could be in an Outlander movie too, I love it!!! O.k so yeah.


  4. Carol, you should check out the most recent Masterpiece Theater version of Tess of the D'Ubervilles. Redmayne plays Angesl and is EXCELLENT.

    Is he tall enough to play a young Jamie or Willie?

  5. You're right, I can't see anyone else when he is on screen. While he is not my young Jamie or Willy for that matter, I think he could be Haymitch Mackenzie or even our future grown Jemmy. But really as long as he is in there somewhere I will be happy :) I cried at the end of pillars the other night just from the sheer marveling in his eyes! WOW!!!!! He is amazing.
    And who else can see Rufus Sewell who plays Tom Builder as Dougal? I was so in love with him too :(

  6. Can he do a french accent at all? I'm getting a Fergus vibe if he had black hair and the accent.

  7. Yeah, um, why isn't he Jamie in Outlander? Right coloring, after all, obviously... acting chops... maybe not physically big enough, but with the right people around him and proper camera angles that can be solved with movie magic. So, yeah, he's not really pretty enough to be 'my' Jamie - but I don't think anyone really is, after all. The only thing - I need to see him in a kilt! Gotta check out those hairy knees!
    (And does his name really mean Eddie 'Redhead'?!!!)

  8. To me he could be Jamie when he is telling Clair about his youth, maybe. I watched part of Pride and Predjudice last night, I kept trying to picture who they could be, it's a little game I play with myself. I thought Darcy could be Roger or someone with dark hair maybe Fergus. And Darcy's aunt was for sure Antie Jo she was very rude in a sneaky way. Anyway I don't know all the names but I was having a good time watching and pretending they were different people.... On a brighter note I FINISHED THE GATHERING!!!! YA for me!

  9. I immediately saw young Ian (it was the owl eyes)... just give him darker hair.

  10. I am seriously going to have to get some cable! What channel is this lovely film on?!?!

    LOL at your collective drooling over random men with Jamie's characteristics. Slightly off topic, anyone who lives in the Northeast should check out the Celtic Classic ( September 24-26 in Bethlehem PA. Lots of big strong men in kilts, lots of bagpipes, lots of entertainment, and on Saturday the Showing of the Tartan parade.

  11. HOLY CRAP STACEY!!! I had no idea there was a Celtic Games in Bethlehem--it's just over an hour from my house and maybe 20 minutes from Third Sister Jill. OMG we are sooooo there!!!

  12. Adorable! I always love casting suggestions for the books!!

  13. I LOVE Eddie Redmayne. How awesome is his name - so fitting! You can't buy that kind of branding.
    This is my favorite type of redhead look - I have to say that he's not a Jamie, but he has to be something! I can't wait to check him out in Tess of the D'urbervilles as another commenter suggested - I love masterpiece theater and just watched the Masterpiece version of Wuthering Heights with Tom Hardy, who I LOVE. He could be in Outlander too, BTW. Not sure as what - his looks change so much movie-to-movie that he could adapt to play any part. Maybe Percival or something kind of hateful? Hm.
    And, sometimes I think that this is how I'd love to see Outlander done - as a top of the line mini-series, with hours of screen time, and A-list actors and production.

  14. Just want to say...

    I have read all your comments... so glad you agree. Seriously - good point - I canna look at ANYTHING else when he is on the screen.

    I will answer more when I get home from Hershey Park! :)

  15. It should be a tv series with each book being a season.

    I see Eddie as a) very young Jamie, maybe in flashbacks to when he was with Dougal. b)William c)He would be perfect for Jem if we knew that we get to see a grown up Jem, but I I don't want to wait that long for him to appear and the flashbacks would not be enough air-time for me.

  16. WOW - I thought I was the only one who was envisioning Eddie Redmayne as young Jamie! To my mind he totally fits - gorgeous, long and lean, tall and muscular. In the first couple of books Jamie is only 23-25 - Eddie is perfect! And yes, he is amazing in Pillars. I just finished Dragonfly in Amber and I'm about to start World Without End, the continuation of Pillars. Hope they make all of these into films!

  17. OK might I say "Holy Crap" about the fact that there are 16 comments to my Eddie Redmayne post! I am sitting here watching the Emmy's... and True Blood will be on in 15 minutes... and there are 16 comments to answer in my Eddie Redmayne post!! That is awesome! (Oh wait - Neil Patrick Harris just came on! Life just got even BETTER!)

    Athena - I so love your love of Eddie. I can feel it through the computer screen. I've given it thought - and honestly - I don't know if he's William. Probably because he's not as big as Jamie - and I think Will has to be as big as Jamie. That's why I haven't found a spot for him yet. I canna STAND it!

    Miranda - so glad you listened! Pillars was one of the best series I've seen in a long time. It was jam packed with...stuff (for lack of a better word) but it was only on for 6 weeks - so that's OK!!!

    Jo M - SQUEEE! THANKS! I've actually looked that up on youtube before and def want to watch it. I am hooked now. Hooked on EDDIE.

    ShoeCrazy - HAMISH!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! I might be able to get on board with that!!!!! Awesome idea!!!

    Brandy - oh honey, the thought of lamaze with Eddie Redmayne is enough to make me have to turn off this computer and go take a cold shower. Seriously. I dinna think I can even go there. ;)

    Christie - I don't think he's big enough for Jamie but NICE suggestion!! NOW I totally want to see him in a kilt!!!

    Molly - CONGRATS on finishing (Lorddddd the) Gathering! And wait - do you mean the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series with Colin Firth? Or Pride and Prejudice the movie with Keira Knightley? (sp?) Because Mr Darcy in the film plays PRIOR PHILLIP in Pillars of the Earth!!

    Mrs. Mush - he does seem young, so young Ian is a good call, except that young Ian is supposed to be homely and I find Eddie Redmayne to be GORGEOUS!

    Stacey - you're killing me. The Third Sister lives in Allentown and I could totes go to this. But we're going to ComicCon two weeks after that - so I can't do an overnight, unless I bring the fam. You may see an appearance by the crazy children who show up in our videos. LOL

    Megs - there you are, girl! I never see you anymore!

    Sirena - good to see you, too! Haven't seen you in a while! SO right about the branding. And I LOVE his hair color, too. It's burgundy. GORGEOUS!

    Athena! I know! I want more more MORE PILLARS! And hello? How did you like the finale? I was so upset that they cut out so much France with Jack. SO MUCH!!!

    MamaK - I have to read World Without End, too!!! I jumped to Twilight after Pillars and then the Outlander series after the Twilight series!

  18. I completely see Tom Hardy as Jamie. In fact, I am falling in love with Tom Hardy, just for the fact that I picture him as Jamie - his deep voice, his body-type (Tom Hardy in "Lawless"), and Tom's eyes match Jamie's "smiling eyes" type of description when he "grins." As for Claire, I'm not sure who could portray her considering you are looking for someone you can fit in as slightly older than Jamie. We don't want too much of an age difference to make the relationship between the two workable. Any suggestions on Claire's character?