Friday, January 8, 2010

Jamie and Claire

Found this on Photobucket. It's breathtaking. I believe it was done by someone named Lilly who goes by "Doverbears" on Photobucket. Just beautiful.


Tracey R. said...

I LOOOOOOVE this illo--but has anyone figured out why Jamie's hand is wrapped in a bloody rag???

Purgatory Carol said...

And dinna forget, it looks like they're in church. I canna figure it out. I have to find the artist. If anyone knows "Lilly" - please let us know!

Tracey R. said...


Think about it--what did they do at the end of the wedding?????

OMG I love this EVEN MORE now.

Karen Henry said...

That is a fantastic picture! I don't usually think much of fan art, but this one is exceptional. Thanks for sharing it!

Just found your site today. Great job! There's a lot here to take in all at once, but I can see I'm going to find it all VERY interesting. :-)

And thanks for the link to my blog, Outlandish Observations. I hope you've found it useful.

Karen Henry

Unknown said...

There is a Lilly who sings with the Bedlam Bards at Ren Fests who is also an artist. This looks like her work, although I cannot say for sure. It seems a safe bet that she would be a fan of Outlander considering her taste in music and other books. Check out