Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jamie and Claire, Sittin' in a Tree...

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you have finished Part 5 in The Fiery Cross.

So where were we? Oh yeah - Jamie made JFBM2 and asked Claire to give him both of her wedding rings. Not too cool, Julie. (If you can name what movie that line is from I will be seriously impressed.)

So Claire goes and finishes taking care of all her various patients (it's amazing how many people get hurt in Claire's world, no?) and goes to sleep on the floor in a room with about 45 other wives. Someone comes in, starts playing with her feet, then works his way up to her nethers and starts getting seriously frisky - and GIRLFRIEND DOESN'T KNOW WHO IT IS. OK, now... do you not sit up and say "Hmmm... someone has his hand dangerously close to my vajayjay... maybe I ought to take a lil looksee"?????? NO - she just lays there thinking "Well goshdarn, I surely hope this is Jamie." I've said it before - I'll say it again: "CLAIRE, YOU IGNORANT SLUT." ;) 

So anywhoooo - boyfriend runs out of the room because the annoying woman next to her rolls over... and Claire ends up laying there for a while, wondering if it was Jamie who was playin' "this little piggie goes to market" with her toes (and other areas)... and when she can stand the curiosity no longer (this would so be me; obsess much?), she gets up and goes to the stairs, of which Jamie is standing at the bottom, waiting for her. And he's drunk. Really, really drunk. And summons to her to "Come down". And a shiver runs right the hell down my own spine and I'm thinking I'd probably slide down the banister to get there as uber fast as possible. And he tries to "take her" right there on the stairs... but Claire's like "Um, hello? This isn't our house. HELL to the NO!" and they go out to the stables, where Jamie proceeds to do one of the hottest things he has EVER done and tells her to "Look down" and "Watch while I take ye" while he's railing her against the wall. Mmmm hmmm. It was about as TASTY as you can possibly get where James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is concerned. Oh yeah - and he gave her the rings back, because, in addition to sword fighting.. and soothing horses... and running a farm... and showing Claire a good time, boyfriend is apparently tremendous at cards, as well. He tells Claire he won Wylie's prized horse in the game... and is verra excited about the prospect because he's going to sell it (you know, so they won't starve this winter and all.)

I have read way more than this... but I need to end this here as Tracey told me to make my book review posts shorter - and post them more often - so y'all will actually want to read them.


  1. "...look down, damm you, watch!"


    Seriously, seriously?? Could he BE any hotter??? (Chandler-style)

    ( emeseis @ twitter :D )

  2. I agree. I melted into a steaming puddle right there when I read that. I was like "WHOA WHOA WHOA, and why dont more guys do this?" We aren't that hard to figure out as women. You want to win a fight or something just read the Outlander series and do what Jamie does. I would be formable puddy in his hands.

  3. "as uber fast as possible"--I LOVE it! And now I'm looking forward to re-reading this scene when I make it to Fiery Cross (currently listening to Voyager). Oh, and I, too, thought it was strange the Claire didn't seeem too bothered about finding out who her night-time visitor was...

  4. Um, Ladies... might I say that I had to put the damn book right the hell DOWN when he told her to "watch, damn you!" Seriously. I had to put it down and sit there and say "Oh my GODDDDD" and just sit quietly for a minute to regain my composure before I could continue reading the scene. It was seriously Jamie fornication perfection, was it not??? LOOK DOWN AND WATCH WHILE I TAKE YE? Oh holy god I can't even TYPE it without getting a little verklempt! ;)

    Roberta you are so right - all men should read these. I tried to get my hubby to read them and he made it 1/2 way through Outlander. Liked the story but said "There are pages devoted to this guy's body and nothing about hers!" LOL!

    Emmes - love Chandler-speak. I am guilty of it, too!

    Jo - do you know who the nighttime visitor was? Tracey just sent me Diana's commentary about that today. I should blog it!

  5. I assumed it was Wylie back to finish what he started in the stable ;). But do put it up! That way I can know, too!

    As you can probably tell, I'm totally procrastinating doing what I need to be doing by reading your blog every 30 minutes ;)

  6. They should make spark notes for Outlander for men. Highlight major points like the crazy sweet things Jamie does and says. AND more importantly the sexy scenes that make all the ladies melt. I'm going to work on that. I'm going to call it "Jamie Fraser's Guide to Making Your Woman a Very Content Lassie"

  7. That is SO funny Roberta - I said the same thing last night when I was out to dinner with Jenn M. and Shannon. I was telling them about your comment and how all men should read the series so they'd know what women want... but that my husband stopped reading because he felt like it was geared toward women. We just need a little Cliff's Notes for Men, right?!

    And Jo - I'm glad you're reading often; I should be POSTING more often!! :)

  8. "Not too cool, Julie." = Valley Girl! (totally tubular movie!)

    Glad I could contribute something to the discussion today. ;)

  9. Diana said that the mysterious foot lover is in fact Jamie :)

  10. So how do people feel about the foot fetish guy being Jamie??? (I read that bit of DG reveal as well.) I thought for sure I had commented here but I don't see a comment so I will say that after much pondering, I was convinced that it in some way, shape or form was Frank.

    But now that we know it was not....I don't quite buy it, and here's why: if Jamie was really that drunk, how could he have a) gotten into the room fairly quietly and without tripping over at least one of the women sprawled out all over the floor, b) found Claire and her feet in the pitch dark, c) avoided the bloodhound-like abilities of Claire's nose, what with him no doubt stinking of whiskey, maybe cigars, and god knows what else, and d) called on the fine motor skills it would take to play "This Little Piggy even remotely well, let alone access, um, other areas that require a certain amount of dexterity to find. I mean, you KNOW that I think Jamie is a god who can pretty much do anything, but this is out of the realm of possibility for even him! Not sure about this one, lasses...

  11. And this is a guy who wouldn't even sleep on the floor in her room before they were married! And he's going to walk into a room full of sleeping women? Doubtful. Verra doubtful. Just doesn't sound like something Jamie would do; at all. Maybe Diana had been partaking in a wee dram when she wrote it. LOL

  12. I share All your sentiments, lassies!! That was a VERRA hot scene indeed.

  13. Tracey-At some point doesn't Jamie say that he could pick Claire out of a room by just her scent (or is that Roger with Bree?)? And from whence does this particular reveal come?

  14. I think it might be Jamie but will say no more b/c if it's the part I'm thinking of, there's a chance Carol hasna hit it yet. It does involve Jamie smelling stuff. And, um, doing other stuff. LOL.

  15. Fingers in ears - closing eyes - lalalalalalala - I got to where Jo said "didn't Jamie say" or something like that... and promptly skimmed Tracey's reply and I see that she said I may not have hit it yet so "LALALALALALA". :)

  16. *swoon* OMG - sooo HOT!
    And I laughed so hard during the sperm talk:) My family thinks I'm a nut - laughing, crying...phew

  17. Great post! I want you to follow up to this topic...

  18. Hey Ira, cool story bro.

    -Warm regards

  19. Hello all, I am very new to this blog but have been a long time Outlander fanatic. I just had to post as Carol's comment cracked me up. You officially get my vote to be cast as Claire in the mini series even just for the one scene of you sliding down the banister (brillant dramatic improvization) when Jamie beckons Claire down. The scene from Brigid Jones Diary comes to mind when she reports from the fire hall and slides down the pole while being filmed from a rather unfortunate camera angle. Love the blog and LOVE the videos!

    Mary from Vancouver, BC

    1. LOL Mary - I just reread that and cracked up a bit, myself. And I know we'd all slide down that bannister, oh yes we would! GOD I miss Jamie Fraser. Book 8 - where are you???? :)

      PS - Bridget Jones and the fire pole - that's hysterical! Over and over and over again, no less! Brilliant!

  20. The Fiery Cross - page 433 chapter 40. "I'll gie ye the rest when I'm ninety-six... What does Jamie do to Claire in this scene? Does he finger bang her?

  21. Hello everyone. Struggled to get into TFC but I can't seem to put it down now. That stable action between Claire and Jamie has certainly intrigued me...

    Alright Sassenachs, I am halfway through chapter 55 (last chapter of part 5) and I have a very bad feeling about the tea and these headaches everyone seems to be getting. I'm not sure how I feel about Ulysses and MacDonald either...

    I haven't even read your post yet for fear of spoilers *hides face* but I absolutely had to release this nervous energy immediately.

    Love this blog!!

  22. Possibly their hottest moment yet! Give me more of this and less of Bree and Roger please. Carol you crack me up!!!

    I also thought it could be Frank - sort of a follow up to her earlier dream at the gathering. I want to buy that it was Jamie playing with her toes (possibly the most erotic moment for me personally) but I'm not sure.

    I can understand why Claire wouldn't want to find out (not that it's a choice I'd make *cough*). Maybe it was the thrill of it, and she was scared he would stop. Afterall, don't the fingers threaten to stop every time she tries to look up?

  23. Hello all! I have read all the books as well and I am new to the blog. I am currently rereading and finding many details forgotten or missed in my eagerness to take my time to read and appreciate as you did, but I have no patience and I read all the books within a year after seeing season 1 of the show. This series has now overtaken my life!!!
    This scene in the books was one of my all time favorites and your description of it is exactly how I though it while reading!