Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a typical (freezing cold) Sunday in NJ...

Found this book about Highlanders on a shelf in my husband's office... along with a beautiful book on Scotland... and a book on Scottish Clans. Interestingly enough, a book entitled "1776" about Washington's crossing and the Declaration of Independence,  among other things relating to the American Revolution, was right next to them. What amuses me is that I most likely gave him these books (since he's the Scot with relatives in Scotland) and yet I'm the one who now cherishes them. What's an Irish/Italian-American, Diana Gabaldon-loving gal to do?


  1. Just found your brillian blog! I only discovered Diana a couple of months ago after reading Sussanah Kearsey's 'Winter Sea' and fancying a bit more swash and buckle in the Scottish history department (and who can blame a girl:-)!)

    I have to say I'm hard pressed to think of books that I've loved more - I'm not into your usual, (slackly written) historical bodice rippers or sci-fi fantasy stuff and well lets not get me started on the usual dross that passes for romantic fiction these days..but Diana Gabaldon is just way ahead of the field.

    Almost through with the Fiery Cross and already thinking I need to stop reading these so quickly as only 2 more to go...sigh..I think I'm far too obsessed for my own good!

  2. Welcome Anonymous--you have found the right outlet for your obsession! I'm almost through Fiery X as well (about 1/4 more to go), and Carol is somewhere around chapter 27. LOVING every minute of them. Once you're finished the series (or even after you finish Fiery X), I HIGHLY recommend a reread of Outlander--I've done it and it's so much fun to go back and relive J/C's first meeting and see all the characters and how they've grown and changed.

    I'm with you on the obsession--other than book club selections, I've read NOTHING but the Outlander series since probably late September, and would be happy reading nothing else for a good while longer!!

  3. Hi Anonymous and welcome! I love the books so much and have this need to discuss a good book... but I end up driving my friends and family crazy, so it's better to type it on a blog, no? Heading to go read now... I have a ways to go before I am anywhere near finished The Fiery Cross. Once I'm finished I'll probably feel like you do; "Oh nooo! Slow down!!" Keep commenting; we love discussion! :)

  4. Hi Everyone! Glad i found this!! It really looks great! And the first surprise i see is a Scottish Bannocks recipe!! Whoo Hoo!! I've always wondered what they tasted like!! Now I shall know...TODAY!!
    I've read the books 3 times now. Except for Echo. Only read that once. I even have my husband reading them. He thoroughly enjoys them, and is now reading the last one :) which is why I can't read it again....yet!

  5. Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the comments. It's a great blog and finally somewhere to discuss all things Outlander without permanently annoying/ostracising long suffering family and friends!

    I finished Fiery Cross last night in spite of my best efforts to slow down - I tried distraction, I tried going out, I even tried reading something else but no luck Jamie and Co just kept pulling me back towards the ridge!

    I have to say the final 1/4 of the book was the best for me. I won't put any spoilers in but as you hit the storyline about Roger Diana kicks the pace up and it completely draws you in. Sigh....

    Am now going to try to take your advice Tracy and revisit the early books - although ABOSAA is sitting on my desk looking like 1000+ pages of pure, unadulterated, Fraser related strong!


  6. I am at that last 1/4 now Louise and so agree with you. I just hit a part that I actually knew was coming (damn you, Internet spoilers), but even so, it was so much more hard hitting and suspenseful and emotional than I had expected!

  7. Hi Louise and welcome!! I'm afraid to finish your comment as I'm noticing you and Tracey talking about the last 1/4 of the book. Tracey - can I read it??? :)

  8. Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you liked it.

    And Bonnie - forgive me - I don't know how I missed your comment. How'd the bannocks go?!