Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dougray Scott is an Outlander MUST

I'm not sure I've mentioned this prior... but let me just state right here - right now - for the record - that Dougray Scott is 1000% necessary in any Outlander film. I havena made up my mind regarding his character but have thought long and hard about him for Dougal.

Dougray Scott is 100% authentic Scot (OK he's got some French in there, but work with me people!) Born in Glasgow and raised in Glenrothes, Fife - the man exudes all things Scottish.

Check this out. It's old, I'll admit. But you can hear his accent - and you can see how he looks in period costuming. (TreMENdous. That's how.) OK so it's 200 years too early but whatev. *Thanks to one of my favorite sites; The Lit Connection - for the photo.


  1. My Dougal is already sewn up as Russell Crowe...but I could certainly see ole Dougray fitting in somewhere.

  2. Russel Crowe is VERRA good for Dougal; quite commanding. I could even make Dougray Rupert or something. I've just gotta get him in there. He's such a Scot I'd almost be inclined to ask him who he'd want to play. He can do them all; trust me. See Twin Town then see Mission Impossible II then see Ripley's Game then see Enigma then see Ever After - and tell me the man can't do anything.

  3. i think all true Scot actors get a no-audition-necessary free pass into the movie. For example, Alan Cumming is already cast in my head as Robbie McNabb--verra small role, to be sure, but pivotal and featuring a good drunken bad guy scene, which he could totally do.

  4. CHRIST that is a good suggestion!!!! Holy CRAP Tracey did you tell me that before???? I know you uggested him - but I don't remember you telling me "Robbie McNabb!" That's PERFECTION!!!!!!!

    1. I love Alan Cumming; he is delicious on The Good Wife--then out of character, he's all Scottish!! My goal is to get a retweet from him one day!! Also from HERSELF, though she still doesn't know who I am, haha. Or a tweet from you girls...

  5. Where'd my "S" go? Is my keyboard dropping the S like Jan's typewriter dropped the Y?