Friday, January 15, 2010

Just a wee picture of Philip Winchester

Spoiler Alert: Dinna read unless you have read VOYAGER. I thought it was high time I posted another pic of Philip Winchester - aka a great Jamie possibility. According to IMDB, he'll be 29 in March. Do you know what that means, Sassenachs? It means he could play Young Jamie - and Older Jamie. Mmm hmmm. Chew on THAT for a while - and let me know what you think!


  1. Now this is interesting. I'm gonna put a link to this somewhere from my blog, which is mainly about paranormal romance, but I put Outlander news in there bc I love it. I've got a bunch of folks commenting on their choice of actor for Jamie but don't think I've seen this guy! (Nice site!!!!)

    Twitter: mcdiana

  2. Totally on board with him as young Jamie. I think that fote looks older than he prolly is, tho. Not sure I buy him as middle aged Jamie.

  3. Holy Crap!!! HOT!!!!

    What a young Jaimie AND with some help of make-up, he can do older Jaimie as well.

  4. Wow McDiana thanks! What is your blog? I love this guy - the more I research him, the more he's my Number 1 Jamie - for both ages.

    Unless there is a true Scot out there who is 6'4" with broad shoulders, fiery red/gold/copper hair, dark blue & slanted cat eyes, high cheekbones, a long, straight nose (maybe a little too long) and a wide mouth... this guy is my Jamie. ;)