Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Outlander Playlist - EXPLAINED!

Check out my Outlander Playlist. I've finally sat down and made a table of songs and where they fall within the series. It isn't finished - but it will be a constant work-in-progress because I'm always adding new songs. Dragonfly in Amber is definitely a little thin... and I haven't even started on Drums yet. What I have is almost finished; the remainder of what's in the player should be updated by tomorrow. ENJOY!

PS - Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome and may be added to the list!


  1. OK, my suggestions,most of which you know cause I've foisted them on you 500 times and will foist them 500 more ;-)

    "You're My Home," Rebecca Elliot; Outlander; when Claire and Jamie are lying in the cabin after she's chosen to stay in 1743

    "Power of Two," Indigo Girls; Outlander; the very end after Claire has exorcised Jamie's "demons"

    "In My Life (or any similar ballad-y song)," the Beatles; Dragonfly in Amber; early scenes with Roger and Bree

    "Drink With Me," from Les Miserables; Dragonfly in Amber; in the kirk after Rupert has died and the men and Claire realized they are trapped (or really any other "prior to battle" scene

    "My Sweet Lady," John Denver, Voyager; after Jamie and Claire have bedded for the first time after the reunion

    And btw, there's one you'll definitely need to add once you've gotten to a certain point in Fiery Cross. And I think we need to start investigating Aaron Copeland for some good Americana music for Drums and forward.

  2. Tracey! Is that a LES MIS song I see??? I am so proud! I'll check it out! I told you the Rebecca Elliot "You're My Home" but it's not on Nor is the Indigo Girls song but I'm not married to that one. Agreed on the Beatles song suggestion; Claire mentions them in either Drums or The Fiery Cross. Added My Sweet Lady as you well know. (Y'all - Tracey was here on Christmas and dropped that one on me with no warning; I was like a Kleenex commercial at that point. Verra emotional, Sassenachs.)

  3. Wow you really think early scenes in DIA for the Beatles? I'm thinking more of Drums when Roger's in Boston for two weeks... They do a lot of driving back and forth to the airport, the festival, etc. It could be on in the car and they could both start singing... and then go through the "oh you like the Beatles?" conversation. Wait - do we know if Bree can sing or not? She's so like Jamie in so many ways, you'd expect her to be tone deaf.

  4. Hmmm...that is a good spot for a Beatles song as well. P.S. You can add my suggestions to the chart even if they're not on, no?

  5. I had an idea. Why don't you make your own playlist? Then we'll have Carol's Outlander Playlist and Tracey's Outlander Playlist.

  6. I have some suggestions, they really aren't in order of the books but just how they are on my playlists.

    Crimson and Clover - Fleetwood Mac; for Outlander. I just listen to the lyrics and I can hear Jamie thinking this stuff about Claire in the beginning. "I dont hardly know her but I think I could love her" It's really a perfect song.

    Never Alone - Barlow Girls; this song is perfect for the time that Jamie was in the Cave alone. The lyrics really fit how he must have felt without Claire there. "We cannot separate cuz you're part of me and though you're invisible, trust the unseen"

    We Belong Together - Gavin Degraw; this just sums up their relationship as a whole. "What good is a life with no one to share, the light of the moon, the honor of a swear?"

    It Is You (I have loved) - Dana Glover; I kinda hear this song for when Claire realizes she wants to stay with Jamie instead of going back to Frank. "There is something that I see in the way you look at me. There's a smile, theres a truth in your eyes. What an unexpected way on this unexpected day, could it be this is where I belong? It is you I have loved all along.

    Far Away - Nickelback; This song is a great song for when Claire returns to Jamie for Voyager. That feeling that I lost you once I can't loose you again which is so heartbreakenly sweet. "I love you, I have loved you all along. I miss you been far away for far to long. I keep dreaming that you will be with me, and you will never go. Stop breathing if I dont see you anymore."

    Over and Over Again - Tim McGraw and Nelly; A good song for how Jamie feels about Frank and Claire. "She's leaving, I dont know what else to do.I can't go on not loving you. Cause it's all in my head, I think about it over and over again can't keep picturing you with him and it hurts so bad"

    Thats what I have so far. I hope you like them. :D I'm sure I will find some more.